1. Send a catalog to a co-worker or friend who has moved.

2. Send a catalog to your reps from other party plans and ask to exchange

3. Post a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school.

4. Post a catalog in the employee lunch room.

5. Hold an open house.

6. Have a booth at a church bazaar.

7. Advertise in your alumni newsletter and/or local newspaper.

8. Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor's or dentist's

9. Include a mini-catalog or flyer with your local bill payments.

10. Call past hostesses.

11. Put current catalog or mini-catalog and sample in your neighbor's door.

12. Ask friends to have a show.

13. Advertise in your church bulletin.

14. Take a felt product to playgroups or church services you attend.

15. Host an office party or brunch.

16. Host a show before or during a PTA meeting.

17. Mail out samples of our felt with every letter, catalog, or mini-catalog.

18. Host your own show. Could even be fund raiser for your favorite

19. Get a list from Welcome Wagon. New people may be looking for a
consultant or a new job in this area.

20. Set up a display at craft fairs, doll fairs, and educational fairs.

21. Participate in a school fund-raiser.

22. Have your husband or significant other promote the products at work.

23. Wear your Quick Start or logo pins and your charm holder out in public..

24. Hold a Christmas Shopping Show for grandparents.

25. Offer a Christmas wish list to your guest and then call the gift giver
and tell him what the guests' child wants.

26. Set up a temporary display at a mall.

27. Put an "Ask me WHY?" button on your purse or coat.

28. Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free products.

29. Hold an opportunity night nearby.

30. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose.

31. Mention hostess free felt, half-price offer and other benefits at least
3 times per show.

32. Hold up higher priced products and mention the half-price opportunity
to encourage bookings.

33. Mention how much your "average" hostess gets in products.

34. At the beginning of your show, mention the hostess goal.

35. Share upcoming specials at shows and during phone calls.

36. Tell your hostess how much she saved by having her show.

37. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.

38. Encourage hostesses to rebook a 2nd show within 3 months. She'll get
$15 to spend at her next show.

39. Treat hostesses to a special "Hostess Appreciation Tea".

40. Encourage relatives to book a show.

41. Call your realtor with suggestions for "new home packages" including
Let's Play House.

42. Offer to do a storytelling class for local teachers.

43. Start an E-mail address book of customers who want to know what the
monthly specials are, and don't forget to mention the hostess specials.

44. Encourage your hostesses and guests to refer potential hostesses to

45. Offer a child's birthday registry.

46. Promote the Booking Certificate program.

47. Describe and highlight the hostess plan during shows.

48. Be friendly and enthusiastic.

49. Follow through on every booking lead.

50. ASK, ASK, ASK.

51. Use open-ended questions, especially when dealing with booking

52. Use your products at home with your own children, then share anectdotes
about their play with your friends, neighbors, etc.

53. Read sales, self improvement, and positive thinking books.

54. Call at least two potential hostesses every night.

55. Dream and imagine the possibilities.

56. Set goals and review them constantly. Post them where you can see

57. Ask friends to help you get started or reach a certain goal.

58. Create hostess benefits flyers.

59. Use postcards and/or newsletters to continue to spark interest.

60. Follow up phone calls to particularly interested guests. They may
decide later to have a show.

61. Have the hostess tell why she decided to host a show.

62. Give products as gifts or donations.

63. Don't be shy talking about your products or your business.

64. Smile when talking on the phone.

65. Review orders from past shows - who have bought frequently, etc.

66. Be prepared to answer questions about your work.

67. Write down names of people who "owe you a favor" then follow up.

68. Call the most familiar people first.

69. Call potential hostesses who postponed or never booked.

70. Spend time every day working on some aspect of your business.

71. Be willing to share the business opportunity.

72. Call anyone who has said "maybe" or "sometime".

73. Contact schools, daycares, churches, and children's groups for
fund-raisers. They can offer their free felt earned on a rotating basis
between groups or classrooms.

74. Advertise in football or musical programs.

75. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses.

76. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone.

77. Keep a list of special requests and let those guests know when that
product is on sale.

78. Suggest hosting a show to do Christmas shopping without leaving home.

79. Offer a bonus for hostesses who book on days and/or months you need an
extra show.

80. Give extra service and time to good customers - they will be repeat
hostesses and potential consultants.

81. Carry a notepad to jot down names as you think of them.

82. Let guests keep a catalog, sample, or mini-catalog on hand to show
friends or pass around work.

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