Message: 6 Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 10:36:37 EDT From: Subject: And MORE.... Booking Shows Over the Phone (aka 2+2 calls) It's true that the easiest way to get bookings is at a show, however the need to supplement your calendar is always there ... whether to increase your own business, or perhaps to overbook to dovetail! Whatever the reason, booking shows over the phone is a necessity that you'd better get used to! Tonight I'm going to teach you how to book shows over the phone ... but let me warn you .. these tips only work when you do! PREPARATION - make sure you have: Calendar Pencil Catalogues Order Forms Calculator List of Names and Phone Numbers Current Hostess Benefits ATTITUDE - make it a good one! Put a smile on your face and in your voice. If you're not in a good mood, get in one! Don't make calls when you're crabby and don't put off making calls each day because you're crabby. This only increases the amount of work you will need to do on the day you are happy! Take control of your moods and emotions. If you've scheduled time to make calls and you're not feeling very enthusiastic, do something for yourself to create energy. Exercise for a few minutes, play upbeat music, read something inspirational, do something fun with your family. Do whatever it takes to create the proper mindset for your work. Practice your call with someone. Be open to critique. Ask yourself "would I book a show with me". Attitude is Everything! SETTING Quiet Room Plenty of Room to Write Glass of Water Room to Stand .. standing generates energy No Interruptions WHO TO CALL? Every person who didn't attend your starter show Every person who didn't book from your starter show Acquaintances (make them feel special by asking for their help) Neighbors Church members Moms Teachers Other Demonstrators (swap shows) Every guest who's attended every show you've done! Referrals from your shows People you haven't talked to in 3 months or so People who indicated an interested in having a show "someday" People who had a show this same time last year People who place outside orders All Past Hostesses! Last Ditch Attempt for Names ... go through the yellow pages. For each category .. Accountants, Acupuncturists, Adjusters, Adoption Services, Advertising Agencies ... think of who you might know in this field and add their name to your list! Making the Call: Be professional, positive, courteous, brief, specific, enthusiastic. 1) Introduction ... "Hi Sue, this is _________ from Story Time Felts. We met in April at Becky's show." 2) Ask for time ... "Do you have a minute?" 3) Personalize call ... "I remember when we met that you were in the midst of remodeling ... how's it coming?" Ask about her product ... "Have you been using your new ______(product)? How do you/kids like _______?" 4) Get to business ... "The reason I'm calling is that when we met you mentioned that you would be interested in hosting a demonstration more towards the (spring, holidays, etc.). We have just introduced our ___________ line and I wanted to call you right away to give you the opportunity to schedule one of the first _______ shows in your group"! 5) Close the call ... "What date in __________ would be good for you"? ... or if she says no ... "Would you like me to call back at another time"? 6) Follow-up with a thank you note and a hostess packet. MISCELLANEOUS TIPS You will hear more "NO'S" than you will "YES'S. This is not a reason or excuse to give up! Do not take a NO personally. This person is not rejecting you, they are simply declining your offer to help them earn free merchandise. When people list their phone number on their door prize card, they are opening the door for you to phone them. Remember to LISTEN during your phone calls. Pick up on her messages, give her time to talk. Use positive words. Say, "I'm calling to schedule your ________ show" instead of "Do you think you might want to hostess a holiday show?" Before you make each call, have a clear-cut goal for that call. Think of what you're going to say before you dial. Think of all the possible negative responses you might get and prepare a list of answers ahead of time. ***** The answer will always be NO if you don't make the call! ***** READY, SET, DIAL!!! Calls can seem scary in the beginning if you're focusing on success being to get a "yes". I'd encourage you to change your focus to offering the best hostess and consulting programs available, and yeses are a blessing but no's are ok too. Don't get emotionally involved with their answer, just do your job, and you'll find it will get easier. Remember when you go out for dinner and the waitress asks you if you want dessert ... and you say "no". It doesn't mean that they don't have positively fabulous desserts and that you might not enjoy them at another time, but tonight isn't the right night. You're too full, you're in a hurry, you're on a diet, etc. It doesn't really matter, you just don't have an appeal for what she's offering. How ridiculous would it be, if the waitress took it seriously and stopped offering desserts all together?!?! Keep making the offer, don't give up on yourself (or your future hostesses) and you will start getting yeses. I've had plenty of days, and sometimes weeks, when I've gotten all no's. Lots of no's, but then it seems to miraculously balance itself out, and I start getting my yeses. This is a system I absolutely believe in!!!!! It seems so silly that it would make such a difference, but it absolutely does. So don't give up. So far as the technicalities, do keep asking if it's a good time to talk. If they say no, ask for permission to call them later this evening, or tomorrow. If they say yes they can talk now, but only for a few minutes, assure them that that's all the time you'll take. Even with this sytem, or any other, you're still going to get far more no's than yeses. That's ok. The success is in making the calls, and making the offers. When you get no's, ask when they'd like you to follow up with them. They'll almost always ask you to call at a future date, and it's usually not as far off as you think. Before you hang up, be sure to ask for a referral. Happy calling ... Makes calls every day for 5 days and statistically you will get 1 booking! Do this for 3 weeks and you will get 3 bookings for next month. Now, month 2, you get at least 1 booking from each of these 3 bookings held PLUS you continue to do calls five days per week and get another 4 bookings for next month. So, now you have 7 total bookings! So by month 3, you have 7 shows held and get 1 booking from each you continue to do your calls for another 4 bookings and you now have a full calendar!! If you don't want it to take 3 months -- do twice as many in 2 months or 3 times as many calls in 1 month! GIVE YOURSELF A RAISE BY DOING CALLS CONSISTENTLY: Do calls every day for 5 days to obtain 1 booking per week 1 booking per week X 52 weeks = 52 shows! 52 shows X $250 show average = $13,000 in sales $13,000 X 20% commission + 10% bonus minimum = $3,900 RAISE for the year for only 2 hours a week out of the house!!!! Now. . . calculate what you EARN per hour doing these calls: 20 minutes per day X 5 days = 100 minutes 100 minutes X 52 weeks = 5,200 minutes per year 5,200 minutes divided by 60 minutes in an hour = 86.67 hours (round up to 87 hours) Take the $3,900 RAISE divided by he 87 Hours of work it took = $44.82 per hour to make those calls!!!!!!!! This made a HUGE impact on me!!!! Now every time I pick up the phone to make calls I remember that statistically I am earning $44.82 per hour to do so -- THAT MOTIVATES ME! HOW ABOUT YOU??? How many "no's" are you willing to hear to make $40,000 a year - how many no's are you willing to hear to make $100,000 a year?! How about $1,000,000??!!