Butterfly Felt Board Figures

Butterfly Felt Figures

Felt butterflies so realistic you will think they can fly right off the board! Great for studying insects! Our butterfly felt board figure set offers 17 realistic butterflies, ranging in size from 1 inch to 5 inches, as well as 7 figures to explore their life cycles as they evolve from a caterpillar to a butterfly. They can be used in teaching about the many kinds of butterflies you may have in your area, to decorate a room or bulletin board, and to teach colors.

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Grow Your Own Butterflies

Children love the following activity! you can fing caterpillars on most plants or even on sidewalks during the spring or early summer. Place a paper towel in the bottom of a wide mouth jar or plastic shoebox to help prevent mold. Add pencil-sized twigs upon which the caterpillar can attach its chrysalis or silken cocoon (with pupa inside), then add some fresh leaves and a caterpillar! Cover the jar mouth with netting, a piece of nylon stocking, or a lid with holes made with a small nail. Put the container in a cool dry place and do not disturb it. The insect will hatch in 10-14 days. Encourage your children to check it every day so they don't miss the excitement as it crawls out of the cocoon! It's interesting to finally discover if it is a moth or a butterfly, and what kind.

Before releasing your prize, you can photograph it! Don't be disappointed if small wasps or fliers - natural parasites - hatch out instead. These insects keep the butterfly and moth populations under natural control. Just try it again! Have fun!!

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