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WELCOME to an Evening of Exploration! Find out more about our business opportunity here! We'll have a Special Offer only for attendees at the end of the evening, and a door prize for one lucky winner, so stick around and see what we're all about!

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Founded in 1988, Story Time Felts' vision and mission is to provide to women from all walks of life an exciting business opportunity in direct sales sharing imaginative children's educational products. In this high-tech world, Story Time Felts offers a high-touch product to stimulate creativity, learning, and play for everyone.
As a Story Time Felts Consultant you will be trained in all aspects of your Story Time Felts business,  feel confident as you learn about your customers' needs and preferences, and have fun while providing parents and educators your services through home parties, personal appointments and other demonstrations.
We want you to experience the personal growth and prosperity that comes from starting and growing a direct sales business of your own while succeeding at the level you choose.  To help you, we offer our Consultants:
Free Training and Support Conference calls, online chats, emails, company Forums, and e-newsletter
Instant Sales Commission
25% to start
Monthly Sales Bonus Checks 5-10% after $3000 in sales
Bonuses on Team
1-10% available to qualified Consultants*
Annual Convention and Regional Meetings
Tele-class and Online Chat Room Training
Company Updates and training in a monthly e-newsletter for Consultants, and monthly recognition in the e-newsletter.
Contests and incentives to say thank you to our Consultants!
Periodically as you build your business you can earn a FREE company trip.  
FREE Tax and Shipping on Home Party Hostess Rewards
New Product introductions at 50% discount
Website Orders through corporate website, free for qualified Consultants*
Customer e-Newsletter sent out monthly, free for qualified Consultants*

*Only $200 Personal Volume per month to qualify

We would love to explore with you how Story Time Felts can help YOU reach your personal goals and dreams.  Give your Consultant a call or drop them an email with questions any time!

Are you ready to start? There are several options for you to join - phone, fax, email, or mail. Or join online! Select one of our starter kits and be sure to enter your personal Consultant's name when ordering!

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