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  • It is difficult when you must produce a report on a Sunday afternoon and cannot attend your son's football game.
  • It is difficult hearing the mobile phone ring on Christmas morning and you cannot see the excitement on your daughter's face as she feverishly tears into another box.
  • It is difficult knowing the rust bucket you call a car is eating you alive in maintenance but you cannot afford a new one.
  • It is difficult to go to your annual performance review, and even though you have worked hard for another year, you come away empty handed.
  • It is difficult knowing that you shop by sticker rather than whether the garment looks good on you.
  • It is difficult knowing that the house you are in is because prices just went up and your budget is to the bare bones.
  • It is difficult knowing that you married a wonderful person, and promised them the world, and for the next 30 years you look at balancing the budget and figuring out what sacrifices must be made.
  • It is difficult reciting "If we get this we cannot have that".
  • It is difficult always lowering your dreams to meet your means.
  • It is difficult knowing that you have spent 40 years of your life working for someone else only to realize that you will be retiring on 1/3 of what you cannot live on today.
  • It is difficult when your children move out and you cannot visit them because traveling costs too much.
  • It is difficult knowing that the fish are biting this week and you cannot drop what you are doing and take your Dad fishing.
  • It is difficult watching the spark in your partner's eyes fade because both of you realize the house you have been wanting is just a dream because someone else is controlling your finances.
  • It is difficult waking up one morning and realizing that your children, the most precious things imaginable, no longer need bottles, diapers, have tea parties, eat things found under the sofa, are shorter than the baseball bat they are trying to swing, but instead are grown and starting their own families and you missed all of that because you agreed to be locked in an office for twenty years by a boss who watched his children grow up.
  • It is difficult dropping your one year old at the nursery because you have to be at work by 9am to stand by the Xerox machine or handle irate phone calls and realize someone else is going to watch your daughter take her
  • first step or have your son say "dada" to the playground teacher.
  • It is difficult knowing that you have diligently worked only to be given an early retirement.


I will tell you what is difficult. It is real difficult realizing it is too late and that time flittered away can never be retrieved. It slips through our fingers one second at a time.

What are we doing with it? We have nasty habits about rationalizing, procrastinating and skirting important things rather than facing the issues. Too often we allow others who do not pay our bills, who do not share our dreams, to direct our future.

  • We have absolutely no freedom as a child.
  • We rebel in our teen years and scream for freedom.
  • We die for the right to be free.
  • We fight vicious wars to have the seemingly innocent ability to choose.
  • We reach adulthood and we relinquish freedom because we think it is too difficult.
  • We do not want to take responsibility.
  • We do not want to make a wrong decision so we obligingly give that awesome power to someone else.
  • We feel it will take too much time. Then, we have the audacity to complain when the decisions made were not what we wanted.
  • We wake up too late. Phrases like "I wished I had only", "If I could only have that time back" etc.

I believe the majority of people want to sing, but die with the music still inside. Face the music and shoulder some responsibility. You cannot have that time back. You have chosen your direction. If you have not spent your time wisely, too bad.

You have no one but yourself to blame. You had the chance. Perhaps the opportunity was presented many times and each time you elevated the trivial to a higher priority than yourself.

Is Direct Sales really difficult? Is it so traumatic to show someone an exciting product or idea? Is it so difficult to understand that if you work this marketing idea for several years you might not have to confront some nasty options?

Would you work real hard for 3 - 5 years so you could put your family in the home of their dreams?
Would you work real hard for 3 - 5 years so you could send your children to college chosen by excellence rather than one chosen by price, the same criteria you used for clothes shopping?
Would you turn off the idiot box, the soaps, the talk shows, sporting events or X Files for a year so you could take dream vacations several times a year?
Would you apply yourself for 3 - 5 years so you would have the freedom of being able to roll over, yank the covers over your head and wake at the crack of noon because you wanted to?
Would you work really hard for 5 years to mold a lifestyle of your choosing so your family could live a lifestyle of their dreams, rather than trying to live how someone else thinks you should live?

We really think we are important in our "jobs." The company we work for cannot survive without us. Everything would grind to a halt without our presence.

Think again. Corporations are not structured like that.

A corporation does not rely on people to remain viable. A corporation needs many properly arranged little squares, functioning in a preset order to survive. After many years as a manager in the corporate environment, here is an excellent visualization of your importance. Find a bucket and fill it about 3/4 full of warm water. Make a fist and push your left arm in the bucket up to your elbow. Now, quickly remove your arm. The resulting hole is your impact. Sobering, isn't it?

Can you identify the words "next time"? How many "next times" will you have?

What will it take to get you off dead center?

Will it be knowing that people are mentally and physically deteriorating when you have a product that will help them but are afraid of someone thinking you are taking advantage of that person and are just out for the money?

Gosh, I hope not.

Will it be knowing that people are agonizing through bankruptcy, realizing they only needed a couple hundred more dollars per month, not $50,000 per month, but you procrastinated once again?

I hope not.

Realize the awesome power you have in your hands with Direct Sales. The business you have chosen has the ability to change lives.

IT cannot do anything. But YOU can change lives with IT.

You are the one with the life changing ability. What are you waiting for?

What will it take?

You will pay a price for your actions. Which one do you choose to pay?

There is pain in success and there is pain in failure! Pain in $uccess will last a short period of time....Pain in Failure lasts a LIFETIME! Which one is really more painful? You will decide....either way!

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