Newsletter - July 2003

Volume 2 - Issue 5


Meet Our Featured WAHM - Karen Clark: Story Time Felts - Fun Felt for Kids!

Q: What is the name of your business?

A: Story Time Felts, Inc. is the main company. Fun Felt for Kids is my website name.

Q: Where are you from:

A: Santa Rosa, CA which is about an hour north of San Francisco.

Q: Are you married, kids, pets, etc?

A: I am married to Greg, and we have my 2 daughters from a previous marriage who are 9 and 6, and we are expecting a new little one in  January '04. We have 2 cats, Sammy and Shadow, and assorted fish. 

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Keeping in touch with email friends, scrapbooking, reading historical novels, hanging out with my kids. 

Q: How long have you had your business?

A: It will be 5 years in September 2003. 

Q: What has been your biggest challenge?

A: Keeping up with all my customers and my downline, direct and indirect. My family always comes first, but sometimes that means I don't make as many calls or contacts as I should each day! I catch up with emails late at night when the kids are in bed!

Q: What has been your greatest strength?

A: My website has brought me many new team members from around the USA. I consistently have the highest recruiting totals each year, averaging 2 to 4 a month!

Q: What has been your biggest achievement?

A: Building a very large team very quickly and earning the company's Star Gazer award for bringing them into the internet age! Until I came along there was no one regularly active online selling our product or recruiting.

Q: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

A: Pretty much where I am now, but even more!! I'd like to be able to help my family get into a larger house by then, and be making 6 figures!

Q: What "one line of advice" do you have for moms that want to work at home?

A: Don't quit! My favorite saying is: In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream ALWAYS WINS... not through strength, but by perseverance! 

Q: Do you have more than one business?

A: NO! There's no room in my life or in my heart for more than that!

Q: Please tell us about your business opportunity/s:

A: Story Time Felts offers a unique product not available in stores. We sell beautiful educational felt figures and story boards as well as felt puppets, masks, and quiet books. Each product comes with lesson ideas and activity suggestions as well as recommended literature, which appeals to parents, teachers, and home school families that make up our primary market. The company is 15 years old, family-oriented and dedicated to helping women achieve success while putting their families first.

Our generous commission plan starts at 20% commission and goes to 35%, depending on lifetime sales, which you receive at the time of each order. In addition, we have sales bonuses of 5%-10% according to the level of sales reached each month, and leadership bonuses of 4%-8% on your team of 3 or more. Story Time Felts also offers a unique Quick Start program that not only rewards new recruits for selling in any or all of their first 4 months, but gives the sponsor a $25-$50 bonus each time they help their recruits achieve it.

We have no geographical or internet restrictions, no required inventory to stock, no quotas or minimum orders to place, and lots of flexibility! There is much support through the company and me as a Director. The best benefit of all is the personal growth and satisfaction we get from doing something that helps parents and teachers, but most of all children! Our product inspires kids to turn off the TV and turn on their imaginations as they experience the fairy tales, classic stories, science and math products. Knowing we are touching the lives of children is very satisfying!


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Consider letting your influence be FELT!


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