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Food Pyramid Fitness
"It arrived and I do love it. It is perfect and just what I had in mind. I am currently doing a lot of research and learning about nutrition and its relationship to health, disease and well being. I thought this would be a great tool to work with kids to talk about "grow foods" vs. treats." - Crystal in California

Food Guide Pyramid Felt Board

Food Guide Pyramid - Fifty-seven life-sized felt food items help children choose healthy eating habits. They can set a table with a felt plate, fork, knife, and spoon, and select a balanced meal from the felt pyramid. The food looks good enough to eat! Includes additional resources, play ideas, 20 activities and lessons, related nursery rhymes, and more. Designed to be used on a plain felt board or table top. The pyramid is 16" x 16" and the food is life-sized. Four additional pieces showing children exercising are also included. The food pyramid without the food is also available by special order. Please contact us to order.

Read an objective review of this product from an educator's perspective at the Society of Nutrition Education

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FunFelt Fun Ideas:

Put a tiny piece of velcro on the back of several googly eyes to add to the cucumber, tomato and other vegetables to play Veggie Tales!

Use this set in conjunction with our Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly to teach about nutrition in a fun way! Here is a poem by Tammie Federpie that you can use:

There was an old lady
Her name was Rosanna
She wanted to eat healthy
So she swallowed a banana
That tasted so good,
She thought she should share it,
So she started to crunch a long juice carrot.
She really liked the carrot's crunch,
Then she baked a chicken,
What a wonderful lunch!

She had some corn,
And some strawberries, too.
Eating fruits and veggies is the smart thing to do!
She drank a tall glass of milk,
She had buttered wheat bread,
An ice cream cone for dessert
And Rosanna was well fed!

Throw a bean bag onto the Pyramid on the floor, and have the children find a food that belongs in the area they hit with the bean bag.

Put paper clips on each piece of food and let them go fishing with a magnetic fishing pole, filling their plate with a wholesome meal.

Make pretend handles on your felt board to turn it into a "picnic basket" and then play, "I'm going on a picnic and bringing along some...." Each child names their foodd as they put it in the basket, along with the other children's food before theirs. Example: (First child) I'm going on a picnic and bringing along some grapes. (Next child) I'm going on a picnic and bringing along some grapes and some crackers. (Next child) I'm going on a picnic and bringing along some grapes, some crackers, and some juiec! etc.

Scroll Down for Fun Food Trivia Questions!

The Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen site is a great resource for kids' nutrition! There are lessons, recipes, coloring pages and more. The Junior League is committed to helping communities address the issue of childhood obesity and poor nutrition.

Another great site for free nutrition lessons and printables is the Wellness Resource Book from the University of Illinois food stamp program.

Pyramid Only Also Available

Food Guide Pyramid Felt Board

#75032 Uncut Food Pyramid Only (no food) $9.99

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Fun Felt Idea:

Here's are some fun trivia questions to ask the kids!

1) Leo Herschfield invented the Tootsie Roll.  Who did he name it after?
(His daughter, Clara.  Her nickname was "Tootsie".)
2) We all know the yellow part of an egg is the yolk.  What is the white part called?
3) How many squirts from a cows udder does it take to make a gallon of milk?
(345 on the average)
4) Why does popcorn pop?
(because of the moisture in the kernel - when it heats, it expands....)
5) Why is celery good for your diet?
(Because you burn more calories to chew it than celery has in it)
6) What were the first 8 Jelly Belly flavors?
(Orange, Green Apple, Root Beer, Very Cherry, Lemon, Cream Soda, Grape, Licorice)
**This question was also on the game show - GREED with Chuck Woollery
7) Around 1975, McDonald's Big Mac had a "theme song" that described its' contents.  Can you remember it?
(Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun)
8) What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider?
(Apple juice is just juice from the fruit and is pasteurized.  Cider uses the whole apple and is not pasteurized)
9) Chocolate syrup was used in a famous scene from an old time movie?  What was it?
(The shower scene in Psycho where Janet Leigh gets stabbed.  The chocolate syrup on black and white film looked like blood)
10) Cheesemakers call them "eyes", but to us they are the holes in Swiss cheese.  What causes them?
(As the cheese is made, it forments and a bacterial action generates gas.  As the gas is liberated, it bubbles through the cheese.  The holes are where the bubbles were).
Bonus trivia
The strawberry is the only agricultural product that ________________(fill in the blank)
(Displays its seeds on the outside)
How much water is cabbage made of?
Why is wine kept in tinted bottles?
(It will spoil if exposed to light)
The dye used to stamp the grade on meat is made from what?
(Grape skins)
Due to a genetic formula which divides cells in an ear of corn - it will always have something.  What is that something?
(An ear of corn always has an even number of rows)
****At your next picnic - will you count the rows on corn?

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