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"I received the Grandpa's farm felt story and am very pleased with the quality.  I will be ordering more when I determine what is needed.  Thanks.  Judy "

Grandpa's Farm with CD

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Grandpa's Farm with Audio CD

A trip to Grandpa's Farm is always exciting! This delightful set includes a big red barn and many people and animals to teach and entertain. Lessons and extensions, literature and teaching references, as well as factual background information about farm life is included.

A 23" x 31" felt board background is included with 47 felt figures including barn, tractors and tools, a corn field, multicultural adult and children people and house, as well as pieces to tell the story of Charlotte's Web.

Note: These felt boards are scored to fold in the center for storage. Make sure you open them all the way and lean them at an angle so friction and gravity can work together so the felt story figures stick!

Read a review of this product and see some cute kids playing with it at Parents with Style

The Audio CD includes 15 sing-along songs both familiar and new. Try it with our Little Red Hen and Friends puppet set! Below are the lyrics from one of the songs . Read a review of this CD at The Cinnamon Hollow.

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Baby with Farm FeltboardWhat Will We Do With the Milk, Farmer Jones?

I get up early with the sunrise ,
And I wash the sleep from my still tired eyes.
Out to the barn I must soon find my way,
Cows must be milked early each day.

What will we do with the milk, Farmer Jones?
How will we use it in our own home?
Right at our table soon you will see
We’ll use the milk for you and for me

Straight from the cow comes the sweet buttermilk
It’s warm and delicious and shiny like silk
It’s sweet and it’s tasty and soon you will see
Sweet buttermilk for you and for me


We will make butter, but first you must learn
Just how to stir it and then how to churn
It’s sweet and it’s tasty and soon you will see
We will have butter for you and for me


We will make ice cream so cold and so sweet
You pick the flavor, we’ll make a fine treat
It may take a while, but soon you will see
We will have ice cream for you and for me

Fun Felt Farm Ideas from Story Time Felts Consultants:
  • Begin with a group project: Have all the kids put the adult animals on the left side of the board, and the babies on the right side. (sorting)
  • Then for an individual project, have each child come up one at a time an remove an adult and its offspring. You can match the extras on the board. (matching)
  • Collect the baby animals from the children and put away. Ask the children to stand in a line with the child holding the smallest (adult) animal at the front, the largest animal at the back. (sequencing)
  • Going up the line, sing Old McDonald. (music and memorization)
  • Put some animals on the board and have the children look at the board and try to remember all the animals on it.
  • Turn the board around and have them call out the animals. A memory game!
  • You could also use it as a game at home parties, only have the guests write down as many animals as they could remember and the one who remembers the most wins a prize!
  • Teach children the origination of store items. You have Grandpa's Farm background blank and all items that go with it mounted on a plain felt board next to it. Both are upright and visible to all children."You know how you walk into a grocery store and can buy a container of milk, some eggs, a loaf of bread, a carton of eggs, pork chops, etc. Have you ever thought about where any of those items come from? Well, here are some things you might find on a farm. Has anyone here ever been to a farm? Now, who can choose one of the items from this board, place it on the farm board and tell us an item in the store that comes from it?" Continue giving different children turns to place felt and speak.
  • Use this set to help children strengthen their basic facts and math problem
    solving skills. Teacher/Adult tells story/word problem and children take turns placing the appropriate felt on Grandpa's Farm background to illustrate the math problem. Children may also make up their own stories as they place their own felt or let another child place felt as they tell their stories. Example: There were two children who lived on a farm. They each had three pets. How many pets did they have altogether? (multiplication) 2x3=6 There were two cows and two horses out in the field. One of the horses ran back to the barn. How many animals were left out in the field? (addition & subtraction, multi part) 2+2(=4)-1=3 There were 3 animals on a farm. There were 8 legs and 2 ears. What animals could they be? must be 1 four-legged mammal(2 ears) and 2 two-legged birds animals could vary- 1 cow and two ducks, 1 dog, 1 hen and 1 goose, etc.


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