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Story Time Felts (STF) products are all about fun, educational, hands-on
activities that foster creativity and imagination. The bright colors
and durability ensure your children will have fun playing with the felt
for years to come. I have people tell me at events or parties that they
loved playing with the felt as a child! Then they turn to to their mom
(if she is there) and ask where their felt is. So get out your felt and

My name is Joy Nebeker. I'm an Executive Team Leader with Story Time
Felts. I found STF 8 years ago while attending a friend's party. I
ordered the felt Advent Calendar for my friends at Christmas time. They
all loved them and wanted to buy other felt products, so I signed up and
became a consultant.
I started out thinking of STF as a hobby by just
ordering felt for my family and friends. As I began to understand the
product's potential I decided to make it a real business. Now I am
building a great team. I understand the business fits into peoples lives
differently and with varying intensities. I try to help all my team
members achieve their goals at every level.

There are so many great benefits to having my own business. One is
personal growth: I have learned to overcome my fears and to believe in
myself. I have also made many wonderful friends, both customers and
consultants. Other great benefits are the incentives. This past year I
have earned a cruise vacation for my husband and I. The best benefit of
all, I can schedule my own time! I can take a day off to be with my
family any time I like!

I love the STF products and how it helps children develop their
creativity and imagination. As I have played felt with my own children
and others, I have watched them learn, create and dream in amazing ways.
One of my many favorites is the _Figures to Tell_. I have a basket of
cut felt stories by my bed that my four year old daughter can choose
from for her bed time story. I tell her the story while she listens and
puts down the figures. Then she can tell me the story.

*Tell them and they forget.*
*Show them and they might remember.*
*Involve them and they will understand.*

Other favorites:

Bear Dress Me Bear - is great for little children. They don't have to worry about putting the clothes in the right spot. Their favorite thing to do is stack all the clothes on at the same time as they learn about each one.
Castle Tales Castle Tales with CD - was a favorite of my two girls when they were little. We would listen to the CD in the car, but at home they had fun dividing up the kingdoms and making their own play. They had their favorite pieces. It was quiet fun for hours.
Grandma's Favorites Grandma's Favorites with CD and Cottage Classic with CD are the classics - my younger daughter and I love to pull pieces out of the bag and make up our own stories with whatever piece we get. We have a good laugh.
Farm Fun Series
Farm Fun Series - If you teach preschool or love to teach your own children this is for you. It comes with nine outlined lessons plans containing everything you need plus all the felt pieces and a medium blue board. Each lesson could last a week or a month.
Toggles Toggles are also great fun for little ones. I like how any ways they can be used. We have Educational Toggles, Classic Stories and Rhymes Toggles and Fun Make Believe Toggles. We also have Religious Toggles. My children like them all!

If you are interested in ordering any of our products just mention my name. Joy Nebeker, or contact me directly!