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What I Really Want
-A child's request

Most of the time the TV's ok,
but mom I'd rather be with you today.
Playstation' s fun and exciting too,
but honestly mom I'd rather play with you.
I know you are busy with lots going on,
but do you have a minute to sing me a song?
Games and electronics, all varied and sorted,
but really I'd rather you tell me a story.
Just a bit of your time, I won't take too long,
Before you know it, one day I'll be gone.

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When was the last time your couch was a ship sailing the seven seas, or one of your towels, superman’s cape?  Children’s imaginations are wonderful things. You never quite know what they’re going to think of next.  Using imagination opens up a whole new world.  Not only is using imagination fun and exciting but it also helps in our children’s growth and development.

Hi, my name is Wendy Varney, and I am an Independent Story Time Felts Consultant.  Story Time Felts is a wonderful company that offers great products that encourage imagination, learning and together time. 

Using props, visual aids or things the children can hold or touch helps to spark new ideas and get those creative juices flowing.  Story Time Felts offers a wonderful array of products that are perfect for sparking your children’s imaginations.  Whether it's activity books, flannel board stories, hand puppets or Just Like Me dolls, Story Time Felts products are sure to spark imagination and creativity.  So let the play begin.


Favorite Products:

Some of my favorite products include:

Math Manipulatives FeltsNot only do I love the colors and all the figures offered, I love all the different learning activities you can do with your children.  As well as learning basic math concepts, you can play store, learn to make change and learn multiplication facts through song.  Who said math was boring?

This is a five-page book with absolutely gorgeous backgrounds and figures for fifteen stories.  Your children will not only enjoy the stories but they will learn some timeless values as well.

Whether its stories from the Bible or Book of Mormon, whether you want thScripture Storiese entire set, a few select stories or the toggle books you can’t go wrong with these.  These are perfect for teaching your children scripture stories, using for Family Home Evening, or using for “quiet” books at church.

FingerplaysThis not only is a great way to teach counting, math, sizes and more, but it’s also fun just to play, sing songs and have fun together.



To see more of the great products offered by Story Time Felts just click on the “Products” button at the top left of your screen.  If you would like to place an order please make sure to type in my name, Wendy Varney, at checkout when it asks for your consultants name or email me at:  You may also place your order over the phone by calling me at (801) 885-0728. 

Earn Free Product:

If you would like to earn free product you can do so by hosting a party, open house or catalog party.  Hosting a party is fun and easy!  Contact me for details.

Join My Team:

I love working as a Story Time Felts Consultant because not only do I get to sell a product that I believe in and love, but I also get to earn money and still be a stay at home mom.

If you would like an opportunity to earn extra money, be your own boss, set your own hours, work as little or as much as you want and share a fantastic product please contact me.