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My name is Lisa Alleman and I am an independent Story Time Felts consultant in Salt Lake City. I was introduced to Story Time Felts by a friend in 1995 when it was called The Story Teller, but soon lost touch with her after she moved away.  Twelve years later, when I was looking for toys that would stimulate and promote learning and imagination for my own family, I remembered the great felt products that I had seen so long ago.  I remembered being so impressed by the high quality, bright colors, and potential for learning that I began a search to find where I could buy them.

When I finally found Story Time Felts and learned that I could get all the felt I wanted for my family, plus make money by taking advantage of the business opportunity and becoming a consultant, I just couldn’t say no.

Today, my home is filled with toys that are high touch, not high tech, and there are endless opportunities for learning, and imagination.

Below are some favorites of my family.  If you would like to shop for these or other items online, enter my name, Lisa Alleman, when prompted for your consultants name during check out.

Just Like Me DollsJust Like Me Doll:  Paper Dolls aren’t just for girls anymore.  This toy is a favorite of my nephew who, after seeing all of the girl dolls that came with my new consultant starter kit, asked me every day “where is the boy one?”  His excitement when he got one that looked like him and his enthusiasm for playing “dolls” makes this one of my most favorite Story Time Felt products ever!  I love watching his imagination run wild as he puts the clothes on the doll and pretends to be different people.  My favorite is when he sets up other felt boards like the Dinosaurs or Ocean Set and time-travels through the different landscapes hunting for sharks or a T-Rex.  He loves being part of the story.  The potential for imagination is unlimited!

Deluxe Toy Counter:  This is a great investment that will grow with your Math Felt Boardchild. Little kids will enjoy counting the pieces and learning basic shapes. As they get older they can practice skills from addition to division, and fractions to counting money.  Even very young children will enjoy listening to the music on the CD.  The songs teach concepts like odds and evens, multiplication tables, and more.  This tool is great for building math vocabulary in children of all ages and defiantly makes learning math fun.  This is also a great toy to use with the felt dolls.  Put the doll clothes on the shelves and use the felt money to go shopping for new outfits.  It is hours of fun!

Table Top TownTable Top Town:  I occasionally hear people say “My son wouldn’t play with felt; he only likes playing with cars.”  I challenge you to find a little boy who won’t LOVE this. This town comes with everything, and you get to build it!  Use the pieces to redirect traffic while you lay a new road, build an apartment complex and move the construction workers to the top floor on an elevator that actually moves up and down!  Use the different vehicles to drive around the town to different destinations including a police station, hospital, and fire department.  With different stations for building and imagination and a rotating center for teaching letters, numbers, shapes, and measuring, several children can play at once.

Preschool PalsPreschool Pals:  These are a great on the go because they are so compact, lightweight and easy to carry.  Keep a few pieces of the color or number matching games in a baggie in your purse and pull them out the next time you find yourself waiting for an oil change, for food at a restaurant, or are unexpectedly delayed wishing you had something to entertain the kids.  The games are great for reinforcing early reading and math skills and the rhyming pieces are great for making up new and creative stories.

FingerplayFinger Play Fun with CD: The first adult conversation that I had in my home without interruptions from a 4-year-old, was thanks to this fantastic toy.  Kids can take the pieces on and off the glove themselves as they listen to the finger plays on the CD.  It is engaging enough for kids to enjoy independently or with friends. We love listening to the CD in the car, and additional finger plays, are included so that the fun can continue as we read new rhymes and manipulate the pieces together.

US MapUS Map:  This is a totally awesome learning tool!  Can you, as an adult, name all of the states?  How about all of their capitals?  Can your kids do it?  In addition to the great felt pieces and extensive literature that teach about US history you get the story of MIMAL and his friends who travel to every state in the country, and it’s capital.  As you read through the story and lesson plan with your child, you will encounter valuable word associations and acronyms for not only learning each state and capital, but remembering it for life.

I hope that you take the opportunity today to invite Story Time Felts to touch the children in your life.  There are so many learning benefits that include developing skills in language, reading, and math as well as developing creativity, imagination, a love for learning, and more.

Give me call or send me an e-mail to receive a catalogue in the mail or to learn more information about:

  • Earning free products by hosting a demonstration in your home
  • Joining the Felt of the Month Club
  • Having a demonstration at your school or child care program
  • Using Story Time Felts as a fundraising opportunity
  • Enjoying the benefits and income of a Story Time Felt business

Whatever you decide to do, take some time today to play with a child.  When you touch the heart and mind of a child, you can change the future.

If you would like to place an order, please do so using my name, Lisa Alleman, when prompted for your Consultant's name. Thank you so much!