Photo Dolls in Felt!
Personalized Felt Paper Dolls
"Just Like Me!"

Order by December 11th for Christmas Delivery with $3 Rush Fee Added
We cannot guarantee Christmas delivery, normal Photo Dolls need 3 weeks to process.

"My daughter loves the doll- she can't stop playing with it. Thanks!" Judy in IL

Photo Dolls in Felt! Just Like Me!

Imagine the joy and delight that your child will have when he/she has a doll with his/her very own face that can be dressed and actually played with! It's one of a kind!

How do we do it? Simple! All we need is a school photo (or similar one) of your child. We'll do the rest and ship it directly to him or her with the face and name on the doll. The Just Like Me Doll will create hours of fun and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!

These dolls make unique Christmas or Birthday gifts for the children in your life who have it all! What fun they will have playing with their custom paper doll that will last forever!

Photo DollPhoto Dolls

  Girl Photo DollBoy Photo Doll

"Karen, received my dolls today, how darling.  The clothes came over a week ago. My grandkids will love them. Thanks Heidi Dean"

Baby Girl Photo Doll"I purchased a set of the Just Like Me Felt Personalized Dolls as a Christmas gift for each of my daughters. I wish that you could have seen their faces when they opened their packages - pure delight! Since then, they have had hours of fun playing with their dolls, making up stories and just having fun! They take them everywhere in the little bags that the dolls come in. This is the best and most unique Christmas gift I have ever given them, and I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to give a gift that will inspire creativity in their child!" - Melissa in CTPersonalized Doll




Pass your doll down through the generations to come!
Better yet, order some dolls with parent and grandparent photos!

After ordering below, print out the special photo order form (pdf download) to include if you mail your photo. If you are unable to download it (pdf) let us know and we can email or mail you one. Please note that you must order the set first before sending in the photo doll order form. You should also put your Consultant's name (or Susie Rizzo 3350) and be sure to put the child's name so it can be printed at the bottom of the doll. Your clothes will arrive within 2 weeks, and the photo doll itself comes separately a week or two later. Please allow at least 3 weeks to complete the set.

Note: Again, you must first order the product below, and then mail in the photo order form (pdf)! You can also email the photo to your consultant if you have it in digital format with at least 200 dpi resolution. The further away the child is from the camera, the higher the resolution needs to be. Holiday deadline is Thanksgiving! If you have any questions, let us know!

Just Like Me Girl Photo Doll with Regular Clothes

Girl Photo DollGirl Paper Doll Clothes

805263 JLM Girl w/Precut Regular Girl Clothes Price: $46.98 Add to Cart
80526 JLM Girl w/Uncut Regular Girl Clothes Price: $41.98 Add to Cart

Just Like Me Girl Photo Doll with both Vintage and Career Clothes

Girl Photo DollVintage and Career Paper Doll Clothes

805273 JLM Girl w/Precut Vintage and Career Clothes Price: $52.97 Add to Cart
80527 JLM Girl w/Uncut Vintage and Career Clothes Price: $46.97 Add to Cart

Just Like Me Boy Photo Doll with Boy Clothes

Boy Photo DollBoy Paper Doll Clothes

805353 JLM Boy w/Precut Clothes Price: $46.98 Add to Cart
80535 JLM Boy w/Uncut Clothes Price: $41.98 Add to Cart

"My husband, Matt, loves to play with our 2 daughters, 7 and 4. One day my youngest said, "I wish Daddy was a little boy so I could play with him!: I found a picture of my husband when he was about her age and I'm having a photo doll made of him for her 5th birthday! I told this to my mother-in-law and of course she cried. She can't wait to see her grown son as a little boy again!" ~ Cheryl

Just Like Me Toddler Photo Doll Girl/Boy Set with Terrific Twins Clothes

Toddler Photo DollsBaby Paper Doll Clothes

805653 JLM Twin Toddlers w/Precut Clothes (includes 1 photo doll toddler girl or boy, and 1 regular doll of the opposite gender and similar ethnicity) Price: $42.98 Add to Cart
80565 JLM Twin Toddlers w/Uncut Clothes (includes 1 photo doll toddler girl or boy, and 1 regular doll of the opposite gender and similar ethnicity) Price: $39.98 Add to Cart

Want just a photo doll, no clothes?

Girl Photo DollBoy Photo DollBaby Girl Photo Doll

80401 JLM Girl Doll Only (no clothes) Price: $24.99 Add to Cart
80402 JLM Boy Doll Only (no clothes) Price: $24.99 Add to Cart
80422 JLM Toddler Girl + Regular Toddler Boy Dolls Only (no clothes) Price: $24.99 Add to Cart
80421 JLM Toddler Boy + Regular Toddler Girl Dolls Only (no clothes) Price: $24.99 Add to Cart


Buy a Copy to Keep!

Purchase a duplicate at the time of ordering any Just Like Me photo doll for only $14.99 (one to play with, one for safekeeping or to give a friend!)

8043 JLM Duplicate Doll - No Clothes (Only Available at Time of Ordering 1st Identical Doll) Price: $14.99 Add to Cart


Every effort is made to computer generate matching skin tone to any photo.


Paperdoll ColoringALSO AVAILABLE: Color My Own Clothes. Your child can color in a blackline master of clothes, mail it in, and we print it on the felt for their special doll!


Girl Photo Doll
Girl Photo Dolls with Clothes

Boy Photo Doll
Terrific Twin Bo
y, 1 year old

Girl Photo Doll
Terrific Twin Girl, 6 months old

Do you have an adorable photo of your child ? Visit my link partner! My Adorable Smile Baby Photo Contest: Baby Photo Contest for children under the age of 5. Prizes include Cash, gift baskets, gift certificates and much more.

The History of the Just Like Me Dolls
By Lori Whiting, Story Time Felts Founder and President

Years ago when we were contemplating new product we asked our ten year old daughter what would be a cool felt product she said, ďA doll JUST LIKE ME!Ē So we went to work and researched the technology to print a personís face on our felt dolls. The Just Like Me Doll was born.

Our first dolls that we did were for a little girl in our neighborhood, just 3 years old, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was hospitalized and desperately missed her three older sisters. We made a doll of each sister and gave them to her mother to give to her. Her mother said she slept with them every night.

Over the years we made many children, mothers and grandmothers happy with Just Like Me Dolls!

How Just Like Me Dolls Are Made

We take a photograph and on the computer we clip out the head. Then we paste that onto a doll body. We then match the skin color of the face to color the body. As a finishing touch we put their name at the bottom. When that is complete we print it onto the felt.

Tips for the best quality Just Like Me Doll

The best dolls start with the best picture.

Have child looking straight on


Must be a high quality photograph or a digital file

No dark shadows or washed out

School pictures work well

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