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Jen Struwe


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My "Why" is about healing and hope for the future.

In 1999 I married my sweetheart, a man many years my senior who still works a full-time job although he is well past the traditional age of retirement Several years later I learned that my lifelong dream of being a mother would never be realized, as we are unable to have a child of our own and his age makes us ineligible for adoption. I had hoped for many years to have my own business, so in my grief I decided to create my own legacy in the form of a gift basket business.

After a trial run during the 2003 holiday season I realized that my skills were not sufficient to do it alone from scratch. In the spring of 2004 I signed up as a consultant with a home décor direct sales company and put the gift basket business on hold. I love this company’s products but they are considered luxury goods and in our tight economy my business did not grow as I had hoped it would. In March 2005 I read an online recruiting advertisement for Story Time Felts. I attended the weekly chats and got to know the products, the company and several consultants through them. I saw great potential for building a viable business and finally signed up as a consultant in October 2005.

Since there are no restrictions on how we can sell, I chose to concentrate on vendor shows and conferences. My husband accompanied me to my first show for moral support and has been at each show since then. We are a team and spend nearly every Saturday during the spring and fall show seasons working side by side to build our business. It is wonderful spending the time together and an exciting learning experience for both of us.

My first goal for our Story Time Felts business is to build it to the point that it will bring in enough extra income to allow me to leave my part-time job and spend as much time with my husband as possible when he is eventually forced to retire. My second goal is to influence the lives of many children in a small way since I cannot have a child of my own. I encourage everyone with similar goals to join us and see what you can build for yourself.

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