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Did you know...

  • the average child watches upwards of four hours of television every day?
  • watching too much television can seriously impair your child's ability for learning?
  • studies show that children need time for creative play and multi-sensory experiences to make learning most effective?

Are you looking for ways to entertain your children without tv or video games? Do you want something educational, fun, and that is Made in the U.S.A?  Story Time Felts can help!

My name is Lois Graham.  I am Story Time Felts Team Leader in Western North Carolina.

I am here to serve YOU! The services I offer are: * Orders * Educational Home and Catalog Parties - Earn Free Felt! * Join my Sales Team! * Teacher Workshops * Vendor Events * and More... Just Ask!
If you would like to place an order , please do so using my name, Lois Graham, when prompted for your Consultant's name. Thank you so much!

As a wife and home schooling mother of two I can engage my children with hands on learning. Story Time Felts has made a impressive difference in their learning, creativity , and imagination! They have learned goal setting, gain confidence, business skills, and more by being my assistants.

Once upon a time….My children loved the felt and wanted more. I wanted to have a party and earn Free felt. Since there was not a consultant in the area, I joined.  Soon I saw difference that felt makes and others wanted to know more.

Being a Story Time Felts Consultant has opened up doors and dreams I never thought possible. The support and incentives that the company offers is fantastic! I love being able to stay at home with my family, make money, and share these great high quality educational tools with others. This is a “felt”astic company and product!

These are some of my favorite products:

Photo DollsThe Just Like Me dolls are a hit at our house. My children are proud of their dolls that have their face in it. They have also had fun coloring their own clothes for their dolls to wear. They make a great keepsake or gift. Have one made of your child’s grandparent so they can play with grandpa and grandma. Do you have someone serving our country? Have their picture put on and wherever they are they will still have them close.

Brown Bear Brown BearFigures to Tell give you a variety of stories and the opportunity to use your imagination mixing stories. They make great teacher gifts.

Prince and Princess StoriesCastle Tales is popular with boys and girls. It comes with 78 figures, 6 stories, lesson ideas, a CD, and more.

3 Kittens The Three Little Kittens is a cute story that gives children the chance to “wash” the mittens and come with fun activities.


Bible FeltsScripture Stories make an impression. Many people have told me they remember felt stories from when they were young.

PiratesThe Pirate Island board comes full of adventure. This is a favorite for boys of all ages. It includes many pintables, games, and activities.


Please remember to mention my name, Lois Graham, when placing any orders. If you have questions or want to contact me directly, please see my information at the top of this page.