Fairy Tale Castle Felt Board Set with Story/Song Audio CD

Mom and Boy Using Fairy Tale Castle Felt Board Prince and Pricess Feltboard

We received a call from a mother who was very excited about the Castle Tales Set that she had purchased for her daughter for Christmas. Out of all the toys she received, she chose to play with the Fairy Tale Castle and played with it nonstop for several hours on Christmas day. With figures for 6 stories, the possibilities are endless! And who says you have to stick with the traditional fairy tale stories? Have your child make up a story using the figures from each of the stories. That will spark their creativity!

See below for pricing on the complete set including felt board, figures and CD!
Available in LG and SM sizes, Uncut or Precut

Fairy Tale Castle Background Felt Board
Background Castle Scene Felt Board

Exterior of a castle as well as main room and upper floor are shown, in addition to an outdoor woods area with path, moat and bridge. LG size folds in center for storage.
SM 23"x15" $19.99 Add to Cart | LG 23"x31" $29.99 Add to Cart
Also available unmounted (printed felt only, no board) for $5 less. Indicate UNmounted in the Comments and we will adjust your price.

Cinderella Felt Story
Cinderella Story Felt Figures

It’s the classic story that all little girls love! Cinderella goes from rags and hard work to riches and true love with a little help from her Fairy Godmother in this beautiful felt fairy tale.

Precut SM $10.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $13.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $8.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $11.99 Add to Cart

St. George and the Dragon Felt Story
St. George and the Dragon Story Felt Figures

In this legendary folk tale, Princess Una's champion, St. George, slays the dreadful dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside for years, and brings peace and joy to the land.

Precut SM $13.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $16.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $10.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $13.99 Add to Cart

Sleeping Beauty Story Felt Figures

Find out what happens when an evil fairy places a spell on Princess Aurora in this traditional prince and princess fairy tale felt story.

Precut SM $15.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $18.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $12.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $15.99 Add to Cart

Rumplestiltskin Felt Story
Rumplestiltskin Story Felt Figures

This fairy tale follows the daughter of a poor miller as she spins straw into gold for the greedy Rumpelstiltskin, to spare her firstborn child.

Precut SM $12.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $15.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $9.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $12.99 Add to Cart

The Frog Prince Felt Story

The Frog Prince Story Felt Figures

When the princess drops her golden ball, an enchanted frog is there to help her out. She promises him she will let him live with her in the castle in exchange. What happens next teaches the princess lessons about friendship and love.

Precut SM $10.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $13.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $8.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $11.99 Add to Cart

Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea Story Felt Figures

Could you tell a Princess from an imposter? In this fairy tale, the Queen thinks she has a way to tell the difference so she can decide if a visitor is fit to marry the Prince.

Precut SM $10.99 Add to Cart | Precut LG $13.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM $8.99 Add to Cart | Uncut LG $11.99 Add to Cart


Castle Tales CD

Castle Tales CD
Includes narration and songs for
all 6 Stories $12.99 Add to Cart

"My nieces absolutely love the castle and all the characters.  This toy has already provided hours of enjoyment. Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future." ~Andrea in MA

Castle Tales Felt Board Story Complete Set

It's a land of make believe where 6 favorite castle fairy tales come to life! Stories included are:

Happily Ever After:

  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • The Frog Prince

Timeless Tales:

  • Rumplestiltskin
  • The Princess and the Pea (not shown)
  • St. George and the Dragon

This fairy tale castle felt board set includes felt to tell all 6 fairy tale stories above, printed text of the stories, lessons and extensions about castle stories and fairy tales, and a bonus castle analogy grammar lesson. Also included is one reproducible story sequencing sheet and one reproducible coloring sheet per story. This means you will receive 24 pages of information and coloring sheets!

The LG felt board castle background scene folds in half for storage and is 23" x 31" and great for classroom use , and the SM is 23" x 15" and suitable for small group or individual play. There are 78 felt figures. The Castle Tales audio CD includes all 6 stories first told in narration form, and then put to catchy music that helps children remember.

Note: The LG felt board is scored to fold in the center for storage. Make sure you open it all the way and lean it at an angle so friction and gravity can work together so the felt story figures stick!

Read a Product Review of this set at Scribbit: Motherhood in Alaska. July 2008

Precut SM Castle Tales Felt Board 23"x15", all 6 Story Figure Sets, and Story/Song CD Price $65.99 Add to Cart
Uncut SM Castle Tales Felt Board 23"x15", all 6 Story Figure Sets, and Story/Song CD Price $59.99 Add to Cart

Precut LG Castle Tales Felt Board 23"x31" , all 6 Story Figure Sets, and Story/Song CD Price $90.99 Add to Cart
Uncut LG Castle Tales Felt Board 23"x31", all 6 Story Figure Sets, and Story/Song CD Price $84.99 Add to Cart

Other Prince and Princess Fairy Tale Castle Sets Available:

King and His Court Puppet Set: Several fairy tale plays are included with this 5 puppet set. Try it with the Castle Tales background scene as a backdrop!

Princess Felt Toggle Book: This portable felt board story is perfect for travel and individual fun! Uses same pieces as Castle Tales but on a smaller scale, with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

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More information about fairy tales, from the paperwork included with Castle Tales:

Knights in shining armor, kings, queens, dragons and fair ladies hold a fascination for children of all ages. We dream about the land of enchantment, codes of ethics, and chivalry - a world filled with princesses and fairies, potions and spells, and living happily ever after. At any age, we are all ready to jump on the magic carpet and enter the magical world of castles and fairy tales.

Fairy tales and castles go hand in hand. Many fairy tales mention castles, or the story takes place in or around castles. Castles are old, and the era of their existence in history and the beliefs during those times, sets the stage for a wonderful assortment of characters.

There are a variety of fairy tales, but when you focus on fairy tales that mention kings or queens, and have a castle, the opportunity to investigate, compare and contrast the relationship of fact to fantasy emerges. The recognition of this relationship is too often overlooked, and yet, many times it is the key to sparking the imagination.

Our knowledge of the origin and history of castles is based in fact. They were really, and so were the people and surroundings of those bygone days. Fairy tales on the other hand are fantasy. The stories involve events and beings that could not exist in real life.

We really don't know when fairy tales began, but we know it was a long, long, time ago. The earliest fairy tales were not written, but were oral tales told over and over again. Because of this, we don't know where or when some of the fairy tales originated.

One of the earliest collections of fairy tales was done by Charles Perrault during the late 1600s. The Brothers Grimm, probably two of the best known authors, put their collection of fairy tales out in 1812. They weren't really brothers: Jacob Ludwig and Wilhelm Karl worked together, wrote a collection of fairy tales, and called themselves the brothers Grimm. Their original stories were actually horror stories for children, and were really grim. The retelling of their stories over the years have dropped many of the gruesome details. This piece of trivia seems to spark older children's interest in fairy tale trivia. For example, Cinderella's evil stepsisters would cut off their toes to make the slipper fit. See what else you can find out!

Another well-known author of a collection of fairy tales was that of Hans Christian Anderson. His first collection was in 1835. Andrew Lang produced another well known collection in 1889.

No matter who wrote them, fairy tales are a part of our heritage. Their unique place as one of the forms of folk literature is evident in the literature of all cultures. Told and retold, these tales have changed little through time - they are part of our history.

Spark the intrigue of your children and lay a foundation for the enjoyment of history and learning, and the love of literature, fantasy and happy endings. Sprinkle a little fairy dust around the room, raise the magic wand and hum, "Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart..."

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