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If you would like to place an order, please do so using my name, Deana Edmondson , when prompted for your Consultant's name. Thank you so much!

These are some of my favorite products:

Toggle Felt Book
Preschool Toggle Books

Cinderella Toggle
Story Book Toggle


Could you use a quiet activity book for church, the car, or the doctor’s office?  We have 27 different toggles and you save $5 if you get 5 (a toggle collection).

LDS Scripture Felts
LDS Sets

LDS Scripture Sets

This big set includes 13 stories and the boards to go with them as well as a box with filing sheets for each story.  This is a great way to teach scripture stories to your children and allow them to participate with you.  Let them put the pieces up as you tell the story!  Scripture references are included and the story is printed for you too.


Felt Dress Up Dolls
Felt "Paper" Dolls

Girl Doll with Clothes
Girl doll with clothes


Our felt dolls have the same idea as paper dolls but you don’t have the little flimsy tabs to fold over the doll.  The felt clothes stick to the felt doll!  There is a great variety of clothing – everything from swim wear to soccer to Halloween costumes as well as regular clothes too.  We have 5 different dolls to choose from or get all 5 and costumes from 15 different countries.  The paperwork that comes with the costumes tells you all about each country, recipes you can make, games they play and more!  My girls love to spread out all of my eleven dolls and dress them up.  You can even get a customized doll (Just Like Me Doll) by sending in a picture of your child or grandchild that has their face on the doll!  It is a fun keepsake they will treasure forever!


Father and Child with Fingerplay

Fingerplay Fun!
and other Preschool Learning Sets

Finger Play with CD

This is a great product for the littlest ones.  They will love the CD which is filled with songs and little poems that can be used with the finger play figures.  My 8 year old still loves to play with this one.  Kids love taking the figures on and off the glove.  (Velcro dots are included that you stick on each finger and the thumb.)  Eleven different sets of figures are in this set:  ducks, clowns, birds, monkeys, elephants, frogs, squirrels, pumpkins, rabbits, bears, and career people. You can do the famous Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and also the monkeys swinging from the tree teasing Mr. Alligator.


Castle Tales
Castle Tales with CD

Castle Tales with CD

This big board (23” x 31”) comes with figures to tell 6 fun stories:  Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea, The Frog Prince, St. George and the Dragon, and Rumpelstiltskin.  The CD tells each story and then has a song about it where the story is retold.  The songs are fun and catchy and have a great variety too.  You will be amazed at the wonderful paperwork that comes with this set.  You can even teach your children the parts of speech using different characters in the story.  You will learn all about the history of knights and castles and more!  There is also a coloring page included for each story and sequencing pages too so your child/children can practice putting the different scenes in order.


Sleeping BeautyCinderella

Figures to Tell Felt Sets"Wheels on the Bus"
and other Figures to Tell...

Figures to Tell

The “Wheels on the Bus” is one of 15 different figures to tell.  As you tell the story your child can put up the pieces or you can tell the story and put up the pieces.  It makes for a fun interactive story time.  We have figures to tell:  “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Goodnight Moon,” “The Napping House,” “The Mitten,” “Guess How Much I Love You,” and more!  The paperwork includes 2 additional stories that can be told with the figures.  We also have 4 Christmas stories including the “Polar Express” (not counted in the 15)!

Why I joined Story Time Felts

I signed up as a consultant when my baby was 5 months old.  I wanted to be able to offer free felt to my friends who loved the products and make money at the same time.  I thought I would do parties for my friends and see where that would lead.  My baby is now 5 years old.  I enjoy the challenge of juggling my business with my other responsibilities.  I am often motivated to do some of the mundane chores quickly so I can spend time on my business!  I specialize in daytime parties so I can have the evening for my family.  I enjoy setting my own hours to work around my family.  I love the products and enjoy offering them to parents, grandparents, teachers, and children everywhere.  It is a thrill to watch people discover the tremendous potential in our felt products and get excited about the many possibilities.  I also enjoy earning my own free felt and watching my bank account grow.  In addition to that, I have grown as a person and my life has been enriched as I have met so many wonderful people, conquered some of my fears, achieved personal goals, won awards, and seen success.  I am working to earn a cruise right now!  The many things I have learned have blessed my life richly.  Thank you Story Time Felts for four and a half great years!  I look forward to many more!

Want to earn felt for free?

It is SO easy and fun to share the Story Time Felts products with family and friends.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard guests leaving a party and thanking the hostess for inviting them.  Who do YOU know that would love our products?  Just invite them over to see the felt and you get one item 50% off and free felt based on your sales.  My top hostesses have earned $130 in free felt simply by inviting family and friends to see the great products.  One particularly shy and timid hostess recently told me, “I am so glad I did this!”