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Karen Clark

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My name is Karen Clark and I am an independent Story Time Felts consultant in Northern California. I frequently demonstrate our products at home parties in the Sonoma County, Marin County, and Solano County areas and beyond. I also enjoy conducting staff training at schools and daycares on the subject of using felt with young children.

I am also available for vendor opportunities at craft shows, educator conventions, childcare symposiums and workshops, and other events where commercial items are welcome. If you know of an such opportunities in Northern California, please let me know.

If you would like to request information by mail or have a question about our products, home parties or family-based business opportunity please call or email me.

If you would like to place an order, please do so using my name, Karen Clark, when prompted for your Consultant's name. Thank you so much!

These are some of my favorite products:

Castle Tales Felt Board Set
Castle Tales Felt Board Story Set
The Castle Tales felt board story set is my very favorite of our larger felt board sets. When I first became a Consultant for Story Time Felts, I was drawn to its fairy tales and the beautiful castle background. My oldest daughter was only 5 at the time, but on a road trip we were able to listen to the Castle Tales Audio CD all the way through. She loved the stories and songs, and when we got home she was able to retell all 6 fairy tales because she had learned them to the music. As a teacher, I love the lessons and activity ideas included, as well as the reproducible coloring sheets and sequencing cards. I use this set regularly with my 2nd and 3rd graders and have also used it from Kindergarten up to 5th grade. It's a GREAT product!
The Dress Me Bear Weather Teddy Bear set is my 3 year old's favorite product. I started using it with him when he was an infant and learning to stand. We had it on the fireplace and he would cruise up to it to dress up his bear. We love the windows that allow you to change the weather outside, and then dress the bear accordingly. We sing a little song that goes, "What is the weather, weather weather? What does the weather ber say today?" Then my son goes and checks the weather outside, comes back and tells us the weather, and dresses him up as we sing, "He says it's sunny, sunny, sunny, that's what the teddy bear says today!" We all just love it. If you have a girl, the girl dress up bear is just as adorable. If you get both, set them next to each other and you'll see their eyes looking at each other. It's just too cute! Some people have made them into pillows. An example is on the description page.
Photo Felt Dolls
Just Like Me Photo Dolls
When Story Time Felts introduced their Just Like Me Photo Doll, I was blown away. My 2 daughters had already just loved their regular Girl Dolls to death and I could just see them taking their little "me" dolls to bed with them. I was right! They were a huge hit at our house. Imagine a felt paper doll with your child's photo on the face. It is amazing! The people at Story Time Felts takes your photo - a print or digital - and integrates it into the existing doll artwork, blending the skin tone to match that of your photo. The result is a perfect little felt paper doll replica of your child, that comes with a little carrying case and full wardrobe of outfits. This is a must have for any child, toddlers up to 12. They come in girls, boys or toddlers, and you can even get them in the Parent Dolls, to complete a whole family of photo dolls including parents and even grandparents!
Can Do Toddler Felt Book
Can Do Toddler Quiet Book
The Can Do Toddler Quiet Book has a permanent place in my mini-van! It gives my son so much entertainment and learning value for the money, you just can't beat this popular product! It has even won a Dr. Toy award for best travel toy! There are 7 soft felt pages that form pockets to store the pieces. There are activities such as matching numbers on the phone (while learning colors or memorizing your phone number.) The phone receiver is attached by a cord and my son loves calling Grandma on it! Another favorite page is the kitchen, where he gets to open the cabinet and refrigerator doors to find goodies inside. There is so much more in this set. If you have a child under 4, they will love this product! Use it on car trips, at home for quiet play, or take it along to appointments or other times you need to occupy your child. It's great!
Farm Felt Board
Grandpa's Farm Felt Board Set
Who doesn't love going to "the country" and seeing all the farm animals! This Grandpa's Farm Felt Board with Audio CD is well loved by children of any age. for us in Sonoma County, we have a good mix of urban/suburban towns surrounded by rich dairy farms and sheep ranches. My kids have always loved acting out farm life with this set. It even includes pieces to retell the Charlotte's Web story! The Audio CD has so many farm-themed songs that are so fun to sing, you will find yourself singing them long after the music stops! Get this set, your kids will love it.
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Figures to Tell Collection
Here at Story Time Felts, we are so blessed to have an owner that LOVES good stories! She has many children of her own and some of her favorite times are sharing stories with her own children. We have had lots of classic stories and fairy tales available in felt for years, but a couple years ago they started offering popular children's stories in felt as well! These are part of our "Figures to Tell Collection" which include felt figures to tell the popular stories, in addition to 2 original stories written just for us. Some of the sets include the figures to tell the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and one of my all time bedtime story favorites, Goodnight Moon. As a Mom, I love retelling these stories in felt, and as a teacher, my class loves them as well. We have many sets in this collection, with more to come. Check it out!