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Soft Felt Quiet Books (below)
These books come in ready-to-cut-and-assemble pages with accompanying figures, as well as rings for binding in book format, if desired, but are also available pre-cut and pre-assembled by our staff for additional fees. They are great for every day home use, travel, or quiet times such as waiting for doctor's visits or during church services. All pieces can be stored in pockets on or between the pages.

Toggle Books
These books are "hard bound" 4 page books covered in felt. With activities on both sides of the felt page "board", Toggles are fantastic for hours of learning and fun. They fold and store easily in a Toggle Book Bag (included) which makes them a favorite activity for anyone on the go! Choose from our nursery rhymes, classic stories, or themed adventure learning sets. These can be used for travel, home, or classroom centers. With Toggles, two is always better than one! All Toggles include Toggle Book Bag, Toggle book, felt figures, lessons, worksheets and activities.

Felt Book


"I was introduced to Story Time Felts about 12 years ago. Immediately I was drawn to the products. At that time I purchased 3 Activity Books for my then 3 year old.  My 4 and 7 year olds are now using these books during church. They just love them!!!! It just goes to show that the products do not date themselves. It's awesome to have a learning activity for 12 years and it's still going strong!!!" Cindy - Valencia, CA

Purchase a Personalized Activity Book Cover for any of the standard sized books below (9"x12")

Custom Book Cover
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Soft Felt Quiet Books

Aesop's Fables Quiet Book

Aesop's Fables Activity Book and CD

Your children will internalize Aesop's timeless values as they listen and play! Set includes 5 felt pages with pockets and 57 figures depicting 15 memorable animal tales. Includes text of the stories and felt pockets with the title and moral of each story printed on each, to be placed on the back of each page. Audio CD includes all 15 tales brought to life with song.

Fables and their morals include:

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf - "There is no believing a liar, even when he tells the truth."
  • A Man and His Sons - "There is strength in unity."
  • The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - "Those who intend harm to others often bring harm to themselves."
  • Mercury and the Woodsman - "Honesty is the best policy."
  • The Hares and the Frogs - "There are always others worse off than you are."
  • The Dog and His Reflection - "Be content with what you have."
  • The Tortoise and the Hare - "Slow and steady wins the race."
  • The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat - "Be loyal and stick by your friends."
  • The Boasting Traveler - "Deeds, not words, reveal the man."
  • The Lion and the Mouse - "Sometimes the weak are able to help the strong."
  • The Sick Lion - "Learn from the mistakes of others."
  • The North Wind and the Sun - "Gentle persuasion is better than force."
  • The Demise of the Frog - "Some things are better not known."
  • The Miser - "Unused riches create no good."
  • The Trees and the Axe - "If we want our own lives protected, we must protect the lives of others."
    602103 Aesop's Fables Precut and Assembled Book with Song CD Price $44.99 Add to Cart
    60210 Aesop's Fables Uncut and Unassembled Book with Song CD Price $34.99 Add to Cart
    4504 Aesop's Fables Audio CD of Songs Alone Price $12.99 Add to Cart

Noah's Ark Quiet Book

My Animals of the Ark Felt Book

This book is unique! It is smaller than our other books, 6.5" x 7.5", and is just right for little laps! It is an excellent help for those young children learning small motor skills as it teaches buttoning, velcro closures, snapping, braiding, lacing, and winding yarn. Even infants will enjoy the simple designs and bright colors! All materials for assembly (gluing and sewing) are included, unless ordering precut and assembled (recommended!).

Read a review of this item at Froggy Reviews.

Animals of the Ark Book Preut and Assembled Price $38.99 Add to Cart
Animals of the Ark Book Uncut and Unassembled Price $26.99 Add to Cart

Can Do Toddler Quiet Book

Can Do Felt Activity Book

Little hands will delight in the many adventures found within the pages of this soft felt book. Charming designs and bold primary colors beckon the toddler to do the following activities: match up car puzzle pieces, dress up the elephant according to the weather, make animal sounds and sing Old Mc Donald, help the clown sort his balloons, explore cupboards and a refrigerator, play "peek-a-boo" with the baby chicks, answer the telephone and match up the numbers, and put away toys.

Includes 8 felt pages measuring 9" x 11", plain felt for pockets, and 79 felt figures. Includes rings for binding into a book or pages can be left separate to create learning centers. Assembly required, unless ordered pre-assembled.

Can Do Activity Book Precut and Assembled Price: $49.99 Add to Cart
Can Do Activity Book Uncut and Unassembled Price: $39.99 Add to Cart

Christmas Joys Quiet Book
Christmas Joys Activity Book

Teach the blessings of giving using stories and songs with this set. Anxious and excited feelings are explored as children await Christmas Day while learning about colors and counting through stories of Santa coming down the chimney, hanging out stockings, Christmas caroling, and setting out treats for Santa.

Includes 4 activity pages and 40 felt figures.When ordering unassembled, rings are included to assemble as a book, or all 4 pages can be left together and mounted on a board after placing scenes in windows and then a pocket can be created so Santa can slide from the rooftop down the chimney. See also our Christmas Items Page.

Christmas Joys Book Precut and Assembled Price $33.99 Add to Cart
Christmas Joys Book Uncut and Unassembled Price $23.99 Add to Cart

Down on the Farm Quiet Book

Down on the Farm Felt Activity Book

Visit the farm with this delightful soft felt book through numerous flaps and hidden pictures to delight the child. Enjoy learning as you explore the garden page, dress up the scarecrow, learn about tractors and farm animals, match up baby animals with their mothers and explore equipment in the inside of the barn. The story of Chicken Little can be told and there is a horse all saddled and ready to ride. That's not all, there is a tree house with hidden pictures in the branches and a tire swing to ride!

Includes 5 felt pages, 56 felt figures , including animals, people, equipment and more! Pockets and rings for assembly as a soft felt book are also included as well as lesson ideas and complete instructions. If you don't already have the Grandpa's Farm with CD set, the audio CD can be ordered separately and makes a great accompaniment. Assembly required unless ordering precut and assembled (recommended!).

Down on the Farm Book Precut and Assembled Price $39.99 Add to Cart
Down on the Farm Book Uncut and Unassembled Price $29.99 Add to Cart
Grandpa's Farm Audio CD of Songs Price $12.99 Add to Cart

Planes Trains Cars and Boats Quiet Book

Transportation Activity Book

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to go, go, go! This lively soft felt activity book is just waiting to transport your child by car, plane, boat, or train. Four double-sided scenes (city, airport, ocean, and country) provide extra wide backgrounds for the assorted vehicles and people included. This soft book is perfect for entertaining children while traveling!

Includes 4 pages measuring 9" x 22" or when assembled into a book, 8 pages measuring 9" x 11". 67 felt figures are also included - city vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes and boats in domestic, commercial and military varieties, train cars and engines, hot air balloons, bicyclists, and figures with people riding horseback. Extra people are also included.

Read a review of this product at Froggy Reviews.

Transportation Activity Book Precut and Assembled Price $46.99 Add to Cart
Transportation Activity Book Uncut and Unassembled Price $36.99 Add to Cart

Preschool Skills Quiet Book

Wacky Learning Factory Activity Book

Five colorful and bright pages make learning fun! This book teaches color and color mixing, opposites, counting and number recognition, shapes, and visual discrimination in a fun filled "What's different?" page. Shapes are matched by the same color, different color, and something that is real in that shape. This is an excellent tool for teaching basic skills in an innovative way.

Includes 5 pages measuring 9" x 11" which include the factory wheel where a window reveals an item whose opposite appears under a flap on the other side, the shape matching page, a page of matching numerals to sets of items, a color matching page where the primary colors combine to create the secondary colors, and the "What is different?" page. There are 54 felt figures.

Wacky Learning Book Precut and Assembled Price: $39.99 Add to Cart
Wacky Learning Book Uncut and Unassembled Price: $29.99 Add to Cart



Bug Book Felt Activity Book

The realistic bugs in this felt activity book will leave your skin crawling! Your children will go buggy over the many creepy, crawly creatures hiding underground, behind plants, or on the front porch. Set includes 5 felt pages with pockets and flaps to be cut and assembled with craft glue (or order pre-assembled), 43 felt figures to cut out or order precut (not all shown) and extensive factual information, lesson and activity ideas, and teaching references.

Bug Book Precut and Pre-Assembled Price $39.99 Add to Cart
Bug Book Uncut and Unassembled Price $29.99 Add to Cart

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