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I'm Your Team Leader
By Sharon K. Groom
   What I will do....
   I will be supportive.
   I will help you in anyway I can
   I will find the answers to the questions you have.
   I will be there for you if you need me.
   I will always be grateful that you are a part of my team!
   What I won't do....
   I won't bug you. If you need me, you have to ask.
   I won't expect more out of you than you expect from yourself.
   I won't judge you.
   I won't take you for granted.
   I won't forget, that because of you, I'm here.....
   Thanks for all you do!



Discover DSWA!   Do you feel like you are alone, trying to get your business going without much local support? Or maybe you have a local sponsor but are looking for a little more training? Following are just some things that will help you in your Story Time Felts business. There are even more ideas and articles shared through the various Yahoogroups Files. If the link you want doesn't work, let me know and I'll email you the form!


Story Time Felts E-Newsletter: The Inside Story

This html email newsletter includes training, recognition, feedback and ideas from other Consultants, announcements and more! Read past issues:
April 2007
(Intro to new newsletter, Are You Duplicable?, Cruise promotion, Training Schedule)
May 2007 (Booking Blitz, Phone Time, Cruise Promotion, Training)
June 2007 ( Consultant vs. Paper Carrier, Why Home Based Business? and A New Way of Sponsoring)
July 2007 (The Law of Attraction, Gems from DSWA Celebration, Summer Retreat)
August 2007 ( Your Children are Watching, Cruise Info, Back to School)
September 2007 (Celebration, Training Schedule, Recruiting Special)
October 2007 (Busy Selling Season, Convention, Shipping News)
November 2007
(Training opportunities, Just Like Me doll biz story)
December 2007
(Whatever It Takes, January Preview, New Catalogs and LDS Products Info)
January 2008
(2008 Incentives, New Catalogs, Convention Info and more)
Feburary 2008
(February Specials, 2007 Recognition, Customer Newsletter)
March 2008
(Disney Incentive Trip, Take Your Business from Good to Great, Specials)
April 2008
(Motivation, Compelling Vision, Mickey Mouse Club Group Coaching Calls )
May 2008
(Daffodil Principle, Law of the Garbage Truck, Training Opportunities)
June 2008 ( Best to Give, Amazing Parties, New Products: Tall Tales, Creepy Crawlers)
July 2008 (Sponsoring Promotion, Summer Training, Fairs and Festivals)

August 2008 (New Custom Doll Clothes Announced, Training Schedule)
September 2008 (Climb that Mountain, Refresher Course on Selling, Stop Sabotaging)
October 2008 (Balance, Kit Coupons, Transition to Consultant Services Site, Training)
November 2008 ($25 Kit Coupons, Using Consultant Services Forums)
December 2008 (New Product - Moses, Job - and Super Bowl Challenge)

January 2009 (2009 Promotions, Specials, Themes)
February 2009: (Love Your Kids/Love Your Business, CPSIA Info)
March 2009: (Founder's Month, Fundamental Workshop Outline)
April 2009: (Renew your kit with new felt, Old Woman Workshop, Scripture contest, Incentive Trip)
May 2009:(NEW catalog, programs and hostess incentives, DSWA Celebration)
June 2009: (Incentive Trip to DSWA, Connecting, New Business Basica PLUS Kit)
July 2009: (Build a summer team, Booking ideas)
August 2009: (Profit Share Program, Back to School)
September 2009:
(Coloring Contest, Rally, Economy, Training)
October 2009: (Fall Rally, Kit Sale, new LDS CD)
November 2009: (Kit sale, coloring contest winners, holiday selling)

December 2009: (Make Connections Count this Holiday, Holiday Selling)
January 2010: (Monthly Theme Workshop announcement, new Year Long Promotions, Community Helpers available)

Ongoing Training Opportunities for You:

  • Consultant Services Site: This is our "back office" site for all STF Consultants. When you join you receive the link and login information. If you have lost it, contact Karen or Lori!
  • Online Team Meetings Twice a Week: Join us Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time and also Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time for 1 hour of training and socializing with other Story Time Felts Consultants. Door prizes are given away and the support and comaraderie you will receive will keep you coming back! This chat is open to the public. See schedule here!
  • Annual Virtual Rally: We meet in our chat room for multiple training topics all or part of one day. Share ideas, receive recognition and get the latest STF announcements at this fun event from the comfort of your home. This is typically held shortly after Christmas/New Year's.
  • Direct Selling Women's Alliance Education Celebration: This annual event is a MUST for any business builder. We will meet the night before as a group for extended training and community. This is typically held the 3rd weekend in April somewhere in the USA.
  • Direct Selling Women's Alliance Teleclasses: All consultants are encouraged to consider joining the DSWA and participating in their twice-weekly teleclasses, or take advantage of their archived mp3 teleclasses. These will be an invaluable tool for learning success principles.

Summer Training Retreat
At the 2006 Summer Retreat
Click above for more pictures from Awnya Boam!
Back Row, L-R: Shannon Wood, Lori Whiting, Awnya Boam, Karen Clark, Rachelle Christensen, Linda Rafaloski, Jennifer Fackrell, Deana Edmondson
Front Row, L-R: Joy Nebeker, Susie Rizzo, Stacey Franke, Rhonda Hayes


New Start - Strong Start - Quick Start Training :

Frequently Asked Questions - Find out the basics you need to know when you first sign up such as shipping tax, putting your kit together, etc. 40 min. recording.

MP3 File

Booking Parties to Launch Your Business - Learn about holding a Kickoff Show or booking other parties to get your business going. 15 min. recording.

MP3 File


Hostess Coaching and Planning for Success - Learn how to set your business standards with your hostess and assure her of a good time at her party. 20 min. recording.


MP3 File

Home Party Part 1 - Preparing, packing up, and setting up your home party. What to bring, what not to bring, what to do when you arrive before you start your demo. 21 min. recording.

MP3 File

Home Party Part 2 - Your actual home party demo, beginning to end. What to cover and how to keep it simple. 23 min.

MP3 File

Professional Direct Sales Trainers, Speakers and Business Coaches :

These ladies will help you in your business. They have been direct sellers themselves and went on to teach others how to be successful. Check out their sites and order their books or tapes, or better yet sign up to go see them speak or hire them to coach you!!

Home Party Booking Ideas :

  • Poem to put on postcards. You must be in the Yahoogroups to access this file.
  • Booking by Phone - GREAT comprehensive post from a Candle lady on how to get bookings over the phone in a systematic way. You will need to adapt this for our business.
  • 82 Ways to Get Bookings
  • Booking Record - Write down the contact information and other notes when you are calling to book parties, or to refer to for follow ups. This is a Word document. You must be in the Yahoogroups to access this file.
  • Wear the Envelope Booking Game
  • Top 10 Reasons to Host a Story Time Felts Party
  • Booking Blitz - Challenge yourself or your team to book parties over the phone.
  • Booking Blitz Pre-Call - Listen to this for some tips before you dial for dollars. 14 min. NOTE: Two (oops) corrections - On the call I mentioned the Disney World incentive for hostesses and that it is a trip for 4 but in reality it is a trip for 2 that they win! I also said they need $500/3 bookings but it is $500/2 - so sorry!

    MP3 File
  • Have a $1000 Party in the Summer
  • 100 No's Contest. Challenge yourself or your team to call enough people to get 100 No's! Think you'll get some YESes too?
  • Balloon Pop Booking Game

Home Party Hostess Coaching :

Home Party Demonstration Ideas :

  • Games for Parties: This is a file of 8 party game ideas that incorporate our products or learning, including the popular Dice Game!
  • Catalog Scavenger Hunt -Have a race to find all the items listed!
  • Party Step Cards - Print this out on cardstock and hold while you do your demo. They will remind you of what to do next and also make your job look easy for those thinking about doing the business. These are a must for all new consultants!
  • Party Outline - This is an alternate outline you can print and keep on a clipboard to plan your party and remind you of what to do and when, and includes a checklist of things to bring.
  • Rachelle's Party Tips - Find out what makes a party successful!
  • Listen to our Team Meeting conference call about Holiday Selling Ideas:


Sponsoring/Recruiting Ideas:

Business Management Ideas:

Marketing Ideas:

Product Ideas :

Selling to the Education Market :

  • =2-4-6 It's Great! This is a 2 week reading incentive program for preschools and schools, created by Susie Rizzo. The children collect $1 in pledges for every hour they will read, with the goal being 4 hours. If 22 children read 4 hours and have 6 pledges each ($24) the school gets over $500 in felt using the cash and hostess rewards. This file includes handouts for director, parents and students. All you do is fill in the blanks with your info!
  • Sharon Cunningham has generously shared an extensive outline and handout for conducting a child care provider workshop based on the School Fun set. Download the handouts here.
  • Lucy Brown (our retired Senior Director) on working with the schools (teacher staff meeting). lucyschools.html
  • Another post from Lucy. This time it is in Outline format, for doing a teacher inservice. workshops.txt (Note: The Flannel Board Fun handout she mentions is renamed Fantastic Fun Felt and can be downloaded below!)
  • A letter I use, to mail or hand out to teachers before calling or visiting. teacherletter.html
  • Lisa Abramovic (teacher and consultant) on getting into the schools. lisaschools.html
  • Rhonda Sancricca on getting into schools and preschools; rhondaschools.html
  • Handout on doing fundraisers and school demos: fundraisersandschooldemos.doc
  • Felt Raiser chart by Linda Adams - breaks down what they can get for free felt or a %. This is a Word document and you must be a Yahoogroup member to access it. feltraiserchart.doc
  • Fantastic Fun Felt - a flier to give out at teacher/daycare demonstrations. This is a Word document and you must be a Yahoogroup member to access it. . funfelt.doc
  • Creative Ways to Make Felt Boards. These can be used as handouts for teachers and providers interested in making their own feltboards. Handout 1 and Handout 2
  • NEW Teacher Talk - Learn the lingo and what's important to classroom teachers.
  • Links to teacher's organizations that may be holding regional or national conferences in your area:

Selling at Vendor Events:

  • Links to fair directories:

Patterns for PVC Pipe Display Equipment :

NOTE: you must be a STF consultant and a member of our Yahoogroups to access these. Contact me if you need to join.

  • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly chart stand directions using PVC pipe. oldladystand.GIF
  • Large PVC pipe stand to hold 5-7 boards for an event. PVCSTAND.JPG
  • Diagram for large PVC pipe puppet theater like in 2001 catalog puppet.GIF
  • Flip Chart: This is a diagram from Robin Landgrebe for making a PVC flip chart type display to hang uncut felt sheets with metal rings at shows. This is a jpg file of her handwritten diagram.

OTHER SUPPLIES: I have several of my favorites listed for customers here: http://www.funfelt.com/supplies.html You may be able to find them less expensively (and no shipping!) if you look locally.

Internet Marketing for STF :

    • Cricket's Search Engine Optimization Classes - These are for anyone with their own webpage to learn the best ways to set your site up to be listed higher in the search engine rankings. This class is free and done through email at your own pace. It is wonderful!
    • Self-promotion.com A GREAT place to get yourself listed in search engines, indexes and other avenues as well as tools to use in promoting your site that are free or low-cost with NO hassles. I have used them for 5 years and love it!
    • Yahoogroups.com Join some discussion lists in areas that interest you - teaching, parenting, scrapbooking, church. Do a search on your favorite topics and join! Post your biz info in your "signature file" and make new friends and possible "leads" for your business!
    • GrokDotCom Offers great advice on creating an internet presence and turning visitors into customers - in plain language!
    • Ryze is chock full of business-related message boards and networking groups. Free website too!

Company Paperwork and Forms:

These are all in .pdf format avalabe at Consultant Serivices http://www.storytmefelts.com/distservices/Tools.html

  • Customer Order Form - For writing up orders
  • Hostess Order Form - Great for figuring and explaining the Hostess' amount due
  • Consultant Order Form - For figuring the amount due to the company before calling it in
  • Opportunity Flier - Lists the % levels so you can figure your income
  • Consignment Order Form - For placing a Consignment Order before fairs/events/etc.
  • Marketing Materials - Click here to see some of the business tools you can get!
  • About Me Page. This is an example for the back side of the About Me page and can be used as a Word template to fit your own text onto the sheet.
  • Consultant Survey 2008 - Fill this out and email to Karen to let her know more about you. This can also be used as a business plan to help you decide on your goals for your business.

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