Testimonials for Story Time Felts - What People Are Saying 

The following statements were sent unsolicited to Karen Clark by actual customers of our products. Contact me if you'd like to send one, too!

"Just wanted to let you know that I just received my dolls (3)  This was my first order so I wasn't sure how nice they would be.  They are wonderful I can't wait for my granddaughters to see them. I know that they will love them.  They bring me back to my childhood only my personal doll was paper and didn't last too long. Thanks for a wonderful product." ~ Barbara

"Thanks for the felt boards. The teachers have been quite pleased. One teacher was so happy to get it, she actually hugged it!" ~ Elizabeth in VA

Karen, I think I mentioned to you following the order my daughter placed with you several months ago, that she sent the felt dolls to the little girl we sponsor through World Vision. We recently received a letter from her (she's 5) and her two sisters about many things but that they especially enjoyed the dolls! Such an easy thing to mail yet providing lots of fun for our special friend. Just thought you might like to know. ~MD

"Karen: Always a pleasure to read your newsletter..See you soon". ~Cindy

"I really liked these bears because they were simple and the "clothing" is very sweet.  My daughter will love them.  I'm having a baby in two weeks, and I was looking for an activity she could enjoy while I'm nursing the baby.  I bought my older daughter some paper dolls, so this will be my toddler's version.  :)" ~Alicia Young in VA

"Our entire family has really enjoyed the StoryTime Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. My sons are ages 3 and 5, and they enjoyed taking turns just playing with the pieces, taking them on an off. So it can be played with as a toy, and/or you can use it to mark down the days to Christmas.  The set also includes a sheet that explains about the symbols and traditions of Christmas and the holiday season. I found out some things I didn't know, and my 14 year old twin daughters found that interesting too! And, you guessed it -- even though the teens claimed they were "too old" for the advent calendar, I caught them playing with it. I have always been impressed by the quality of StoryTime Felts. They aren't made of the cheap felt that can be torn. The StoryTime Felt toys are made of a more rugged felt that will hold up to years of use. It is an adorable decoration too. Thanks again for a wonderful product,
Darla Dixon"

"Karen, received my dolls today, how darling.  The clothes came over a week ago. My grandkids will love them. Thanks Heidi Dean"

"I received the Grandpa's farm felt story and am very pleased with the quality.  I will be ordering more when I determine what is needed.  Thanks.  Judy"

Our Canadian distributor, Sharon Cunningham from PlayFeltPlus received the following testimonial:

"Sharon- I love the storytime felt stories. They are soooo colourful. Sometimes I even let the kids play with them. (Just kidding). It is one of the items that I did not get rid of when I closed my daycare. I will keep them for my grandkiddies and visitors to play with. Cheers, Judy"

"I just wanted to let everyone know how great the felts are with my son (who has autism). We've been using the ones that came with the starter kit with him, and after two weeks, are already seeing progress. We are able to address the issues of following directions, response to action words (over, under, on), decision making, OCD. He has progressed from spending 5min. with it to 30 min. That's a big deal with him. It is so great to have something to do with my son that is educational and fun." ~Tammy in NC

"Dear Karen,
As I look over your latest newsletter, I was thinking back over the last year and all the products I have ordered for my first grade classroom.  Wow!  They have been such a hit with the kids!  I have used many of the sets to tell the children stories and I have incorporated the pieces into a flannelboard center where the children tell their own stories.  Both the boys and girls have been thrilled to use the flannel pieces.  The quality of the sets has been outstanding and I will definitely be a customer for a long time!  I also want to say that your website is so easy to use.  You may be in California, but you have a loyal customer in Pennsylvania!!!  Thanks so much.  Keep the newsletters coming! Sincerely, Tisa in PA "

"Karen, I received the Felt Paper Dolls order a couple days ago and opened them to pack them in the carry bag that came with them and these are so amazing!  I know the girls they are for will just love them and I just have to say what a wonderful idea this is for everyone...have even shared your website with my mom who saw what I bought and raved about them to her friends with grandkids that they want to buy for....thanks for the great idea and the product and quality!" ~ Donnette in CA

"Karen, I received the Mother Goose on the Loose and Once Upon a Rhyme precut felts yesterday and I am very impressed! The quality of the felt and picture is excellent. I was surprised at how many pieces I received for the price. Definitely better than my purchases at near by teaching stores! Thank you, Alisha in FL"

"I can't tell you how excited I was to open the huge box and find flannel stories! It was great! They are beautiful and the colors are fantastic! Pastor C. was as excited as I was when we looked through the box. The set I had which we lost in the flood, looked like it had been around since Noah.......the colors were dulled through years of use! Sunday, two of my classes had lessons "from the box" and they loved the stories. Thank you! R's class is using the "Parable" set this Sunday. My class will probably mourn!" As written to Mary Ellen in OH upon giving our Scripture Stories as a gift!

"Karen - I love the Story Time Felts. My almost 2-year-old son has been enjoying putting the pieces on the felt board, but my class loved the three little pigs this morning. They are clamoring for more and so I will be practicing this weekend!" ~ Liz in FL

"Hello again!  My 3-4 year old children in my class loved The Napping House felt pieces.  I bought the book and it corresponds beautifully with the felt pieces!  Thanks again!" -  D. Ellingson in CA

"HI Karen!  Thank you for my fabulous sets!!  My school starts next week and I can't wait to use them!!  I tested them out on myself and can't wait to get some of the books to go along with them.  Love your stories too.  Thank you for the kind email and prompt service!!  Really appreciate your time and attention.  My Best, Deborah Ellingson from California."

"Karen, Wow!  You people really are amazing!  Thanks so much.  The flannel board is amazing.  My husband put clips on the Pirates Island flannel board and then put a set of hooks under my one window in our sunroom.  I can hang a variety of boards for whatever theme we are working on that particular week.  We plan to put another couple sets down in the playroom so that when it is very hot the kids can play in the basement playroom with the flannel boards. Your products are top notch! Sincerely, Cindy in Iowa"

"I got my felt. It is wonderful! I've never ordered anything pre-cut before. If I ever order anything else that is not pre-cut, please refuse to accept the order!! How marvelous!! I always thought it was silly to pay extra for something you could so easily do yourself, but when I opened up the transportation book with everything ready to go I was so excited and started right away planning how I would use it next year (actually in August). For teachers, where time is so important (not that it isn't for everyone), it truly is worth the extra money for convenience. There are so many beautiful sets now. Thanks so much for sending this out right away." - Beverly in Augusta, Georgia

"The Old Lady is a well made prop that most children can interact with. I love the way it is made because it will last. Any child can succeed in putting anything in her mouth. They now make other stories that could be used with her.... The old lady who swallowed snow, the old lady who swallowed thanksgiving. I am very happy with this product." ~ Lynn in NJ (pre-K)

"Hi Karen,  I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the two funfelt sets I bought a couple of weeks ago.  The grandkids just loved playing around with them.  I expained what I was cutting up as they  were taking them out of my hands.  I can see we will have many hours of quality time with them. Thank-you, Chris   p.s. It was especially memorable since it was soon after church on Easter!!" -- Chris - Santa Rosa, CA

"Karen, I received the felt stories in the mail today. They look great! My preschool class will love them. Thank you for the prompt service." -- Kerri in MO

"I was introduced to Story Time Felts about 12 years ago. Immediately I was drawn to the products. At that time I purchased 3 Activity Books for my then 3 year old.  My 4 and 7 year olds are now using these books during church. They just love them!!!! It just goes to show that the products do not date themselves. It's awesome to have a learning activity for 12 years and it's still going strong!!!" -- Cindy - Valencia, CA 

"We use the Toy Counter set to teach math concepts and found visually representing the addition and subtraction helped the kids understand. They liked playing 'store' and buying the toys with the felt money without realizing they were learning to add, subtract, and make change! Now we 'buy' multiple toys and practice multiplication. With lots of choices the kids play the same game many times which gives them confidence and reinforces the learning experience." -- Nancy in Texas

"Karen,   My son was almost 3 years old and was still having trouble counting to ten . After 15 minutes with The Deluxe Toy Counter he was counting to ten, no problem!!! Being able to "see and touch" the "toys" as he placed them on the shelf worked!  He continues to play and count higher and higher!"   Barb Isom, MI

"Bridget amazes me all the time with product I have. And she loves every piece. I tell you I will probably never order anything precut or assembled. Cutting it out and piecing it together is one of my favorite parts. Bridget will beg me to cut something out forever, and when I finally do she sits by my side waiting for each piece to fall. And the first thing she does when I hand it to her is hug it to her chest and say "Thank you Mom!" Everything I have that is cut has been hugged by her. And it makes it all that much more special." -- Stacy in Utah

"I just love the cloth dolls. I ordered the felt board from you, so my granddaughter, Caitlin, could play with her cloth dolls. They are wonderful quality cloth, she can play with them all day and never "tear" them, like paper dolls. She is now 7 and still plays with them. I gave them to her when she was 5, and she has never "wrecked"  them. I have looked at other cloth dolls, and funfelt is the best quality around. I am very glad I made the investment." -- Carol from Wisconsin

"The doll set is great fun to play with even young children because the felt is so durable that pieces don't tear! An option: take the doll figure and stitch with clear thread onto a 8x11 sheet of felt in a favorite color.(you will need three sheets) Take 2 other pieces of felt, add the piece with the doll and stitch on the long sides and bottom to create to pillow areas. Stuff the first 'pillow' lightly with filling and hand or machine stitch closed. Use the other pillow area to store the clothes. Great for trips and gifts and years later when your daughter is baby sitting she will be a favorite sitter with a fun take a long play set!" -- Nancy in Texas 

"My absolutely most favorite Story Time Felts product is the Ocean Set. The depth of the artwork in the background is incredible! It seems as if you can see forever in this beautiful ocean. I really enjoy the fact that we can use it as either a warm water ocean or a cold water ocean. I've even shared it with my daughter's teachers during Beach Week at school. They all love it - especially the identification charts and other activities that come with the set!" -- Cindy S. in Alaska

"I discovered Story Time Felts products several years ago because of my special needs son. We are always looking for things that he enjoys doing, which can be a real challenge sometimes! The first product he saw was the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and he LOVED it! We have bought several more Story Time Felts products such as The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs since then for him and he loves them all!" -- Christine in Alaska

"My felt sets have stood up to years of use by multiple children. Easy to clean, easy to wash and store they are a good investment and can be used for education while the kids are having fun! Small pieces help little ones develop fine motor skills too." Nancy-home school mom in Texas

"It (food pyramid) arrived and I do love it. It is perfect and just what I had in mind. I am currently doing a lot of research and learning about nutrition and its relationship to health, disease and well being. I thought this would be a great tool to work with kids to talk about "grow foods" vs. treats." - Crystal in California

"Because the felt pieces are washable I don't have to worry if we have a cold in the house or if my toddler accidently 'colors' with his washable markers. A gentle soak and the germs and marks come off!" -- Nancy in Texas

"I fell in love with Story Time Felts the very first time I found Karen's website. After requesting a felt sample, I became a consultant right away without having ordered any of the actual products. In addition to my own two kids, I also have a childcare in my home and everything I've ordered has been a huge hit! We use some of the activities provided with each set, but many times the kids just make up their own stories. I love the quality of the felt and artwork and the kids simply love using their imaginations for hours on end."-- Cindy S. in Alaska

"We use our Bible felt activity book for an easier Sunday morning service with our 2 year old. He loves to place the figures on the stories he is learning in Sunday School and we enjoy listening to the service while he is quietly playing and learning too!" Nancy in Texas

"Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly...I received it this weekend. My students will be thrilled." ~ Vicki Johnson in VA

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