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  • Home Party Business
    Build a fun home party business that will make a difference in children's lives! Independent Consultants are needed across the United States. Some states have no Consultants and many have less than a handful. We need you! Earning money has never been so fun and rewarding!
    • Articles of Interest
      • Direct Sales - Is It Difficult?
        It is difficult when you must produce a report on a Sunday afternoon and cannot attend your son's football game. It is difficult hearing the mobile phone ring on Christmas morning and you cannot see the excitement on your daughter's face as she feverishly tears into another box.
      • Home Party Industry Article - Move Over Tupperware!
        Outta the way, Mary Kay. More women than ever are mixing socializing with shopping as they party their money away on goodies from baskets and jewelry to home decor and sex toys in the comfort of their neighbors' living rooms.
    • Benefits of a Story Time Felts Career
      The greatest benefit a career with Story Time Felts has to offer you is the freedom to choose! Just look at all of the benefits that are available to you!
    • Business Plan Success Story
      Write Your Success Story... Right from the start! Every great story has 5 elements: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Turn your excitement into action by plotting the key elements of your Success Story now!
    • Home Party Information from Story Time Felts
      Experience first hand how children's lives are changed when parents and teachers use these powerful tools!
    • Income Opportunity with a Story Time Felts Career
      So many ways to profit
      ! As an Independent Consultant, your earning potential is completely up to you, depending on your personal goals.
    • Join Now - Sign Up to Sell Story Time Felts
      You can start your Story Time Felts business several different ways depending on how fast you would like your kit...
    • Mission Statement from Story Time Felts
      It is our passion to make the world a better place for women and children. Our mission is to serve women and children with our product and our opportunity.
    • Quick Start Program: Get your business off to a great start by Quick Starting!
    • Starter Kits for Story Time Felts Consultants
      The "Business Basics Kit" for $50 - The "Starter Kit" for $184 with Precut Felt Items or $150 with Uncut Felt Items - The "Power Start Kit" for $293 with Precut felt Items or $225 with Uncut Felt Items
    • Success Stories from Story Time Felts Consultants
      Curious about what real-life Consultants who are out there selling and making money are like? Read below to find out what is important to some of our Top Ten Consultants and what makes their business work!
    • Team Support from Karen Clark - Director of Consultant Development
      Do you feel like you are alone, trying to get your business going without much local support? Or mauybe you have a local sponsor but are looking for a little more training? Following are just some things that will help you in your Story Time Felts business.


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