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If you aren't already signed up to get your monthly workshop automatically, email or call me!  We'll send yours out each month automatically and you will only have to pay 1/2 the shipping when you are on monthly auto ship. The workshop will be mailed the Wednesday after you receive this newsletter. You normally will receive the newsletter the 1st Wednesday of the month and then have a week to decide if you want your workshop automatically shipped. You can cancel at anytime. If you prefer, you can also purchase the workshops individually at our regular shipping rate. You can see the different themes here: Story Time Felts Monthly Felt Story Theme Workshops

Winter Fun Thematic Unit Workshop

Winter Snowman Preschool Workshop Felt

Winter Fun Thematic Unit Workshop
You'll find all kinds of fun in this workshop covering winter, hibernation, the new year, and more.This includes all the lessons and activity ideas plus a 9" x 11" felt scene as shown and a funny snowman you can dress in many ways.

Winter Workshop and Felt Precut Price $14.99 Add to Cart
Winter Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $11.99 Add to Cart

NEW PRODUCT: Working Together Thematic Unit Workshop

This workshop theme is Working Together with Family and Friends. A very important subject for everyone to learn!

Little Red Hen Flannelboard Story
4702 Working Together Workshop
Uncut $14.99, Precut $17.99

This workshop contains tons of ideas to encourage working together. The favorite story that portrays helping and working together, Little Red Hen, is the new felt product that comes with the workshop.

Working Together/Little Red Hen Workshop and Felt Precut Price $17.99 Add to Cart
Working Together/Little Red Hen Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $14.99 Add to Cart

New Product: What's Growing? Thematic Unit Workshop
Our March workshop is centered on What's Growing? We’re covering fun things like bugs, veggies, and flowers. Plus most importantly, it covers how nutrition helps our growth.
What’s Growing Thematic Unit Workshop includes the felt shown below, a game with a bean bag, and the wonderful workshop information! If you aren’t on auto-ship order today!

Plants Thematic Unit Workshop

4703 What’s Growing Workshop
Uncut $14.99, Precut $17.99

What's Growing Workshop and Felt Precut Price $17.99 Add to Cart
What's Growing Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $14.99 Add to Cart

Farm and Zoo Adventure Workshop

Two all time favorite products are being revitalized and put into finger mitts. Farm Animal Mitts and Zoo Babies have been reduced to fit onto little fingers. Just right to do Old Mac Donald Had a Farm on two hands! Twenty finger mitts. Each mitt is approximately 1.5" x 2".

4704 Farm and Zoo Adventure Workshop Uncut $14.99, Precut $20.99

Farm and Zoo Adventure Workshop and Felt Precut Price $17.99 Add to Cart
Farm and Zoo Adventure Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $14.99 Add to Cart

It's All About Me Workshop
This workshop is all about my body, my senses, and my feelings. Lots of fun ideas and activities are included. The new product that goes with this workshop is a set of Feeling Puzzles since the workshop has a section of feelings. You will recognize them as the clowns from the Finger Play Fun and the pigs from Welcome to Pigsburg.

Feelings Puzzle for Preschoolers

4705 It's All About Me Workshop Uncut $14.99, Precut $16.99

It's All About Me Workshop and Felt Precut Price $17.99 Add to Cart
It's All About Me Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $14.99 Add to Cart

Places to Go and How to Get There

This fun workshop includes a fun road, town and vehicles made out of felt. You will receive an extensive workshop lesson plan as well. For the felt set, the vehicles are printed on 1/4" pressed felt so they can be held and drive to and fro. There are also road pieces so your little one can build their town in many different ways.

Vehicles and Roads Cars

4706 Places to Go Workshop Uncut $22.99, Precut $25.99

Places to Go Workshop and Felt Precut Price $25.99 Add to Cart
Places to Go Workshop and Felt Uncut Price $22.99 Add to Cart



Monthly Thematic Unit Workshops Explained:

Our exclusive Felt FUNdamentals Workshops are a way to add value to the felt sets you may already have purchased, while introducing you to a NEW felt set as well. These are available to purchase individually or on auto-ship monthly for half-priced shipping.

Your workshop will always have the following:

A New Felt Set
Lesson Plan that centers on one of our existing felt sets you might have, or choose to purchase
3D Craft or Item to help with the lesson (one set of materials as an example are included)

The Lesson Plan will include the following:
A Cover Sheet: listing all the pages inside and all the felt product referenced
Attention Activity: A brief introduction of the theme (story, poem/nursery rhyme, game, etc)
Lesson: Teaching about the theme

Group Activity: An activity involving all the children (Bingo, Music, Memory/Concentration, Charades, etc.

Centers: Ideas for at least two Crafts, Two Learning pages and Manipulatives

Movement/P.E. Activity: Follow the Leader, Obstacle course, Tag, Mother May I, Musical Chairs, Finger Plays, etc.

Game Idea: To go with the theme

Guessing Jar Idea: Guessing/estimating to go with the theme

Snack: Any snack/recipe to further reinforce the theme.

Book ideas: Any books to enhance the theme.

Music/Poems: Used with any activities to match the theme.

Self Esteem Badges: Something that gives the child recognition, and also helps the child “teach” their parents about the theme. The badge may be given at any point in the lesson.

There may be a page of extra ideas in Literature, Math, and Science

As far as the themes for the month, there will be two lesson plans for each month (what a deal!). So two or more of our existing felt sets will be highlighted in the lesson plan, but a lot of others will be mentioned. The felt sets we carry are italicized in the lesson plan. When you buy a felt set, it will go for more than one lesson throughout the year. Plus each month there will be a new small felt set that is included in the workshop.

These are the ideas for the year that are planned and are subject to change, with the Story Time Felts product the lessons go with, in parentheses:

January: Winter Fun (Froggie Gets Dressed) and Winter Animals (The Mitten)  

February: Working Together as Family (Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe), Working together as Friends (The Little Red Hen)

March: What's Growing in the Garden (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary) Insects and Bugs (Bug Book)

April: Farm and Zoo Adventures (Farm and Zoo Toggle)

May: It's All About Me: Growing up, Feelings, Self Esteem, We are all unique (The Little Engine that Could)

June: Places to Go and Things to Do

July: Our World Around Us: Our House, Neighborhood, Town, City, State, Country, World ( Table Top Town, US Map)

August: Things that Rhyme (Nursery Rhyme and Finger Play)

September: Back to Basics (School Fun Toggle, Toy Counter Math Set)

October: Tell Me a Story: How to tell a Story (Fairy Tales - Castle Tales)

November: Lights, Camera, Action: Acting (All the Classic Stories)

December: Let's Celebrate (Holidays around the world)

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing our workshops or setting yourself up on our auto-ship program!


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