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Science Felts Sets

Little fingers love to touch and learn about scientific topics. Story Time Felts offers a way to teach science in a hands-on way without the mess! Lessons are included!

    • Animal Tales (Brown Bear, Brown Bear)
      This fun story teaches your child basic colors and to recognize 9 different creatures. Set includes 9 felt figures as shown and 2 stories to teach your child colors and animal sounds.


    • Bug Book Activity Book
      The realistic bugs in this felt activity book will leave your skin crawling! Your children will go buggy over the many creepy, crawly creatures hiding underground, behind plants, or on the front porch in their various habitats.


    • Butterflies
      These felt butterflies are so realistic, you will think they can fly right off the board! These are great for studying insects! This colorful felt set also includes figures illustrating a butterfly's life cycle.
    • Dinosaurs
      Who doesn't love playing with dinosaurs? Their mysterious past, fierce and gentle ways, and process of extinction fascinate children of all ages!

    This adventurous Toggle book offers four different learning experiences with a whimsical dinosaur theme. Reading Readiness: Match lowercase alphabet to lowercase eggs. Math: Match and sequence numbers. Colors: Match color objects to the color words. Visual Discrimination: Match and mismatch tops and bottoms.

      • Dinosaur Felt Board Set

        Your children with roar with delight as they spend hours with this colorful and engaging prehistoric felt set. Large and small versions of each dinosaur are included along with figures depicting dinosaur nesting and egg hatching stages.

      • Prehistoric Pals: Dinosaur Friends Hand Puppets
        "I went to a land...not far from here, where dinosaurs roamed with manners I'd fear!" Children will delight in this fun puppet story about manners and treating others kindly.


    • Farm Friends in Felt
      We have many products featuring Farm Animals and Farm Life. Felt board sets, preschool thematic units, hand puppets and activity books.
        • Farm Animal Felt Mitts

          There will be a lot of quacking, gobbling, and oinking going on as children lose themselves in the fantasy of these 10 delightful child-sized hand mitts. Poems and stories are included!

        • Farm Book: Down on the Farm Soft Felt Activity Book
        • Visit the farm with this delightful felt book through numerous flaps and hidden pictures to delight any child. Enjoy learning as you explore the garden page, dress up the scarecrow, learn about tractors and farm animals, match up baby animals with their mothers and explore equipment in the inside of the barn.

        • Farm Friends Collection

          The 3 items listed may be purchased in one collection for the low price of starting at only $54.99. This saves you $7.85 over purchasing them separately! You get all three items for this one low price!

        • Farm Fun Preschool Curriculum

          This special collection teaches preschoolers math, science, reading/writing skills, art, music, and P.E. in a group or individual setting. There are 3 main written units (36 pages each!) with a total of 9 mini-unit lessons that include fully outlined lesson plans for the attention-getting activity, group fun, 3 felt center activities, coloring pages, activity sheets, P.E. activity, and a snack idea.

        • Grandpa's Farm Felt Board Set With Audio CD of Songs

          A trip to Grandpa's Farm is always exciting! This delightful set includes a big red barn and many people and animals to teach and entertain. Lessons and extensions, literature and teaching references, as well as factual background information about farm life is included.

        • Little Red Hen Hand Puppets

          "It was a bright sunny day. A perfect day, decided the Little Red Hen, to bake some bread." Children will delight in this classic story about reaping the rewards of your hard work, and pitching in to help your friends.

    Fifty-seven life-sized felt food items help children choose healthy eating habits. They can set a table with a felt plate, fork, knife, and spoon, and select a balanced meal from the felt pyramid. The food looks good enough to eat!

    Fourteen very cute but scientifically correct animal hand puppets (front and back views) will help you put on a great show. Text of twenty eight short plays (2 per animal) are included to help teach children positive values.

    This life-size felt torso displays the organs and systems of the body. Teach various aspects of health and anatomy as well as healthy habits such as exercise, rest, water, sunshine, etc. with the 43 lessons included.

    Your child will get to know the creatures of the deep in this beautiful mind-expanding set! Scuba divers explore vivid underwater sea life at the bottom of the ocean, or an iceberg can be placed on top of the scene to learn about polar bears and penguins in Arctic regions.

    Children love the fun repetition of feeding this little woman her unusual dinner! Her mouth opens as a pocket to catch her meals. This set is great for teaching the Food Chain as well as Nutrition.

    The rich beauty of the rain forest comes alive in felt. You'll experience the jungle, complete with felt piranha, snakes, spiders, insects, and native people.

    Learn about the space shuttle launch sequence and characteristics of each planet in our Solar System. This beautifully illustrated set includes related lessons, playtime activities for home or school, coloring pages, and 68 detailed figures including stars.

    This oversized bear is great fun for little hands to dress up for whatever the weather may be. Set includes 18 pieces of clothing and 3 felt windows depicting rain, snow, and wind, to go along with the background scene of a sunny day. Children choos which window to use and dress their bear accordingly!

    The very hungry caterpillar is so hungry, he eats his way through 14 different kinds of foods and gets very fat! Then he spins his cocoon on a leaf and turns into a beautiful butterfly.

    Thirty-one animals you will be wild about! Felt figures range in size from 1-1/4" to 5" tall. These animals are from a variety of habitats and countries, and a paragraph of facts about each one is included.

    "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh My!" Ten child's hand mitts, with both front and back illustrated, are included in this adorably detailed set. Animals include babies of the following animals: gorilla, giraffe, bear, lion, hippo, elephant, monkey, kangaroo and tiger.

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